Acclaimed actor and show host who starred in "Roots" is now a crusader for world peace.

lbMost baby boomers remember LeVar Burton for his dramatic portrayal of Kunte Kinte in the award-winning television mini-series, Roots, which was based on the novel by Alex Haley. The younger generations know him from watching 'Reading Rainbow,' a PBS children television show that he once hosted. Today, the internationally acclaimed actor and show host is also a renown speaker, expert panelist and documentary host. Burton is set to be a keynote presenter at the upcoming Global Tourism, Progress and Peace Conference to take place on March 24-26, 2011 in Jordan. Burton, also a producer and director, is the host of the new documentary "The Science of Peace." At the conference, he will discuss the documentary and conference attendees will get to preview the groundbreaking film. The Science of Peace documentary investigates the cause of violence and explores potential pathways to peace. The Global Tourism, Progress and Peace conference will be held at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel, just 50 minutes from Amman, Jordan’s capital.

Burton, said that he is honored to have the opportunity to present a preview of ‘The Science of Peace’ to a distinguished audience of global visionaries and thought leaders from academic institutions, public and private sector organizations and the media. “Tourism is a platform for people from different locations and viewpoints to meet; a platform for creating awareness, respect and understanding. It is truly a platform for peace and an important element that we wish to integrate into our documentary,” he said.

rootspicBurton rose to fame in the late 70's when he was only 19 years old for his portrayal in Roots as a young African tribesman captured and sold into slavery in America, a role for which he received rave reviews. Ten years later, Burton landed his second signature role as Geordi La Forge, the blind star ship engineer in the syndicated science fiction TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. For over 20 years, he served as host of the PBS children's program Reading Rainbow, a show that he also produced. Burton worked as a director for many years for several movies and many television series including Star Trek: Voyager, Jag, Las Vegas and Miracle Boys.

Burton brings a unique voice and perspective to the conference as well as the Science of Peace Documentary with his wide range of experience and keen interest in transformation and helping to promote world peace. His star power and dedication to world peace makes him an asset to the conference. His style of storytelling allows audience to identify with what the Science of Peace film seeks to portray as he inspires a desire for participation in bringing about world peace. The documentary features pioneering physicists, biologist, philosophers and other experts who are established in the emerging field of peace as a science.  

An eloquent speaker, literacy advocate and published author, Burton is eager to share his views on the effects of media on children, literacy and pathways to peace.  He has won ten Emmy Awards, five NAACP Awards, and multiple nominations and awards for his work.  It was the Roots experience that awakened Burton to the powerful potential of the television and media to inspire, enlighten and educate. Today, he is a distinguished panelist and sought after public speaker. Burton was once appointed by President Clinton to the National Commission on Library and Information Services (NCLIS), a panel of experts who advise the President on policy for the storage, retrieval and dissemination of information in America.

Organizers of the conference are Sandy Dhuyvetter, Executive Producer of TravelTalkMEDIA and  Dr. Omar Moufakkir, founder of the International Centre for Peace through Tourism Research.  “We are extremely pleased to have Mr. Burton join our panel of globally recognized scholars and tourism industry experts,” said conference co-chairperson Dhuyvetter. “His stature as an entertainment industry icon and his ongoing commitment to the development of a more peaceful world will greatly enhance the quality of the event and its ability to attract influential participants from many countries and disciplines.”

TPPThe aim of the conference is to stimulate innovative thinking and applied research in the area of tourism and peace with the goal of optimizing the benefits of tourism and minimizing the costs – social, environmental, cultural or economic - for the benefit of all. Experts and scholars from different aassociations, research centers, universities, international organizations and other institutions from all over the world will participate in the conference. Local and international media and high-ranking decision-makers in political, economic and cultural spheres are also expected to attend the conference to help disseminate and promote the exchange of ideas beyond academic research.

deadseaspaThe conference will be held in the Dead Sea region, the world’s lowest point on earth, 400 meters below sea level, one of the most spectacular and breathtaking landscapes in the world. Sparsely populated and serene, the area is surrounded by mountains to the east and rolling hills of Jerusalem to the west giving the Dead Sea its unique beauty.  The Dead Sea Spa Hotel is a health and well being destination situated along the sea shore with access to the largest private beach in the Jordan Valley, and sprawling grounds with ample areas to relax and rejuvenate.

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