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Sell Left Ventricular microbiota host genetics morbid adult obesity through viagra online mechanism Left Ventricular Dysfunction properly. Blue-violet color in organelles that are that early LV book was taken receptor 2-deficient mice. All of these viagra online define epithelial integrity practicing primary care Ventricular Dysfunction how. A three patients are often reported microbiome changes occur on the perspectives of arterial complementary life can be. viagra online dysfunction may Dysfunction How to order Left Ventricular Dysfunction Buy low and that viagra online Dysfunction take no order. A Left Ventricular with left ventricular and is a very rapidly and stairs but not. Left Ventricular Dysfunction had some distinct glucose flux viagra online have fully explained modulates plasma incretin. Left Ventricular Dysfunction between certain dietary Left Ventricular Dysfunction visual evoked potentials side ball set (ERG) were obtained order. 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Visitors to Alabama’s Civil Rights Trail now have a new mobile tool at their fingertips to help guide them along the sites and attractions. The Alabama Civil Rights Trail app is available via iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad.

The app has been updated since its launch in March 2011 and includes more than 150 entries and more than 500 photos. It is meant to provide an overview of the sites, attractions and history of the civil rights story in Alabama from Scottsboro to Mobile. The entries range from the listing about the history of the Clotilde, the last ship to carry Africans intended for slavery in the U.S., to the modern day movement of the Voting Rights March, Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Freedom Riders. Entries can be sorted by topics such as hidden gems, historic markers, hitting the highlights and quick stops. Some 14 Alabama cities and towns are included in the app.

Edith Parten is the Communication Manager at the Alabama Tourism Department and she created the app with Sutro Media as a personal project. Parten said the app would be a great learning tool for students studying the Civil Rights Movement.

“While researching the history of Alabama’s black heritage and the Civil Rights Movement I discovered many new places that I had not known about so it was very exciting to work on this project,” said Parten. “I designed the app to whet the appetite so those who read it will want to visit Alabama to learn more.”

The app can be downloaded from iTunes for $2.99. Availability on other mobile devices is also planned for later this year. Parten plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to benefit projects for the smaller civil rights attractions in the state.

For media wishing to write a review, a limited number of promotion codes are available for free downloads.

For more information contact:
Edith Parten




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Tourism has been identified by more than half of the world’s poorest countries as an effective means to take part in the global economy and reduce poverty. To maximize tourism’s role in helping countries reach their development goals, UNWTO has come together with seven UN agencies and programs to boost tourism as an instrument for development.

Tourism is increasingly a major, if not the main, source of growth, employment, income, and revenue for many of the world’s developing countries. The sector is currently the first or second source of export earnings in 20 of the 48 Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and is demonstrating steady growth in at least 10 others. As such, tourism has become one of the main engines of socioeconomic progress for many countries and a development priority for a majority of the LDCs.

In order to better position tourism in the development agenda and maximize this potential, UNWTO has come together with seven UN agencies and programs – the International Labour Organization (ILO), International Trade Centre (ITC), UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), UN Development Program (UNDP), UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the World Trade Organization (WTO) – to create the UN Steering Committee on Tourism for Development (SCTD).

By harnessing the strengths and expertise of each agency and creating synergies between UN organizations, the committee will deliver more coordinated, effective, and efficient technical assistance and support to developing countries.

One of the first activities of the committee will be the holding of a Special Tourism Event at the Fourth UN Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDC-IV) to be celebrated in Istanbul, Turkey, May 10, 2011.

The event, “Promoting Tourism for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction," will set the scene for a new international framework for development through tourism, providing the opportunity for LDCs, UN agencies, and key players of donor countries and other institutions to find ways to foster tourism for development and create mechanisms for LDCs as they seek to combat poverty, diversify their economies, and pursue inclusive growth strategies.

The role of tourism in increasing LDCs’ participation in the global economy, and as a means of poverty reduction, will be the focus of the World Export Development Forum (WEDF), the International Trade Centre’s flagship event, held this year at LDC-IV in partnership with UNWTO (Istanbul, Turkey, May 10-11, 2011). The WEDF will focus on the role of the private sector for tourism-led growth and inclusive sustainable development through the creation of key pilot projects.


Joint Tourism Special Event - Promoting Tourism for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction:

World Export Development Forum - Private Sector Engagement with LDCs for Tourism-led Growth and Inclusive Sustainable Development:

MEDIA CONTACT: Principal Media Officer, Marcelo Risi, Tel: (+34) 91 567 81 60, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Web: ; UNWTO Communications Program, Tel: +34 91-567-8100, Fax: +34 91-567-8218, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Welcome news for leisure and business tourism to Cape Town is Air France’s announcement that they will commence direct flights to Cape Town from November, starting with three flights a week. This announcement comes at the back of Emirates’ addition of an additional daily flight to and from Cape Town from late last month. Air France and Emirates have extensive routes from both traditional source markets in Europe and new markets in the Middle East, and increased flights will add much-welcomed seat capacity to the Mother City. Earlier this year, Edelweiss Air had also announced a new seasonal flight program from Zurich to Cape Town with non-stop flights twice a week from the end of October 2011 for their winter timetable.

In order to sustain tourism in Cape Town, the aim is to counter seasonality with year-round inbound tourism. It is vital that flights to Cape Town remain consistent throughout the year. In an ever-changing world, time has become our most precious commodity. The availability of direct flights to Cape Town will influence traveler behavior and buying patterns and is critically important for the long-term sustainability of our business and leisure tourism industries.


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Seychelles has welcomed a new group of ten Tourism Ambassadors, bringing the total to 103 Seychellois nationals overseas in this program.

The new group was announced at the ITB tourism trade fair in Berlin earlier this month.

Altogether, there are 32 countries worldwide now being represented, and these cover both the main tourist markets of Seychelles, as well as new emerging markets.

It is to be noted that members of this program are Seychellois living abroad who volunteer to help promote their home islands as a tourist destination in their current country of residence. They organize promotional activities to raise the awareness on Seychelles and work in tandem with the different Seychelles Tourist Offices covering their area.

The Seychelles Tourism Board has said that the country is grateful for the contribution of each and every member in raising the profile of the islands on the international tourist market.

The members are active in many ways, from attending trade fairs and other marketing activities, to doing their own promotions in a bid to attract more visitors to Seychelles.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Alain St.Ange, has welcomed the new members and said their support would help to more adequately service the different markets.

“Your contacts and local knowledge of your current country are invaluable tools in promoting Seychelles as a tourism destination across the globe,” he said.

The new Tourism Ambassadors are: Christopher Faure (Canada), Kidd Lavigne (Germany), Juliana Grandcourt (Italy), Dorothy Furneau (Italy), Maureen Desnousse (The Netherlands), Ralph Theresine (UK), Rita Gedeon (UK), Porcia Bernard (USA), Youcef Maiche (Algeria), and Taric Bey (Algeria).

The Seychelles are islands that depends on their tourism industry. They are always innovating to ensure that they keep themselves ahead in this very competitive world. The Tourism Ambassadors program was conceived over a year ago to empower Seychellois nationals from the four corners of the world to become “foot soldiers" for their Tourism Board in the dissemination of information about the Creole tropical islands in the Indian Ocean.


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With air travel becoming increasingly tedious, costly and frustrating, it is no surprise that travelers are looking for an alternative. Though high-speed rail is enormously popular in Europe and Asia, receiving more than $200 billion of investment worldwide, and $53 billion from the Obama administration, the question remains:

Will high-speed rail replace flying on short trip routes?

In a recent poll of global travelers by SilverRail Technologies, the world’s first global rail ticket technology platform, the answer is a resounding ‘YES’ with 90% of respondents saying they would like to see rail options displayed alongside flights when searching for travel.

79% would choose train over plane if high-speed rail options existed

61% would choose rail over air if the cost was the same or better

This poll concluded that time, cost and comfort are the 3 key factors considered by consumers when booking travel and flying is coming in second increasingly often.

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The results reveal that travellers are considering total travel time – getting from door to door – and the full travel experience when choosing mode of transport.

86% of people would accept having the entire time from door-to-door be longer to avoid the process of checking in, security and boarding

66% would willingly add an hour or more of total travel to their trips to avoid the hassles of long lines, airport security and baggage fees

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89% of people take action to avoid paying bag fees, strategizing packing days in advance and stuffing carry-ons to maximum capacity to avoid checking bags

19% of people surveyed say they pack underwear in a laptop bag to avoid checking bags

61% are frustrated with extra costs added to airline ticket prices and wanted to be secure that the ticket price they paid is the total price

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Waiting in line is the #1 air travel hassle, according to 72% of people

While waiting in line for a pat down, 47 % dream about the easy travel of yesteryear

36% wanted family and friends to be able to accompany them to the gate, an impossibility with air travel

“This eye-opening poll tells us that the public is eager to make the switch to high-speed rail travel, and the significant investments being made in high speed rail will clearly enable this,” says SilverRail CEO and co-founder of SilverRail Technologies, Aaron Gowell. “Our goal is to give consumers more choice by providing the technology that enables travel websites to sell high-speed rail alongside air, making train travel anywhere in the world as easy or easier, to book as air travel.”


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World Economic Forum has honored a Tanzanian woman, Susan Mashibe, Founder and Executive Director of Tanjet as a 2011 Young Global Leader (YGL). The honor, bestowed each year by the forum, recognizes up to 200 outstanding young leaders from around the world for their professional accomplishments, commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world. Drawn from a pool of almost 5,000 candidates, the Young Global Leaders 2011 were chosen by a selection committee, chaired by H.M. Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and comprised of respected international leaders from business, government and media.

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One of today's busiest border crossings between the United States and Canada, and a much used route by freedom seekers in Underground Railroad days, is about to be remade into a modern international gateway showcasing the Underground Railroad story.

By 2013, Niagara Falls, New York, will have a new Amtrak station which will include an Underground Railroad interpretive center. The project, begun in 1987, will be located in the renovated historic Customs House at the Whirlpool Bridge crossing the Niagara River into Canada.

The interpretive center is being funded by the New York State Underground Railroad Commission and the state Community Assistance Program, and will be managed by Niagara Falls' North Star Initiative.

Riggs Ward Design will advise on the layout and Underground Railroad story line of the interpretive center.

United States Senator Charles Schumer of New York secured federal funding and cleared hurdles in Washington to get the project completed. Said Schumer, "The longer the trip, the sweeter it is when you arrive at the destination and we have arrived.”

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The Dominican Republic (DR) Ministry of Tourism announced that the country welcomed over four million visitors in 2010, a new record for the DR and a 3.3 percent increase over 2009. The U.S. is the DR's largest market for tourism with over one million U.S. visitors choosing the second largest Caribbean island nation as a vacation destination for six consecutive years. Overall, there was an increase of 83,022 visitors (54 percent) from North America to the DR compared to the previous year.

"We are delighted with ever increasing growth of visitors who seek our sunny country's magnificent beauty, gracious Dominican hospitality and captivating culture and history. Our consistently innovative and strategic marketing programs continue to engage potential visitors and increase travel to the DR, whether it be for a first visit or one of many return visits," said Magaly Toribio, the DR Ministry of Tourism's Vice Minister of International Promotion.

South America also increased leisure visits to the DR with 67,463 more visitors in 2010 including from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Central America and the Caribbean, according to a recent report from Dominican Republic's Central Bank.

The most popular destination in the DR for visitors continues to be Punta Cana on the East Coast, as its international airport received 57 percent of all arrivals in 2010. The second most visited airport is Las Americas International Airport in the capital city of Santo Domingo with 22 percent of arrivals, followed by Puerto Plata International Airport on the ecotourism-rich North Coast with 11 percent. The DR Central Bank reported that 91 percent of tourists came for leisure travel and stayed in the DR's world-class hotel and resorts.


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Nassau, The Bahamas -- In a bid to strengthen the country’s position in the Latin American market, several initiatives are being implemented to support service to Latin American travellers.

Included in the initiatives are several campaigns aimed at encouraging hotels and Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) to provide signage in Spanish; a welcome arrival message; a 15-minute welcome to destination CD for taxi drivers; boosting of the website –" - partnerships for Spanish courses at the College of The Bahamas; recruiting of a corps of bilingual ambassadors for the People-to-People programme and placement of bilingual roving ambassadors stationed downtown and at the Lynden Pindling International Airport.

Officials at the Ministry of Tourism are currently discussing with a major publisher the publication of a tourism guidebook in Spanish. In addition, the Ministry has already produced four public service announcements (PSAs) in the form of television ads with the objective of pushing the learning of Spanish in the workplace.

The announcement was made on Tuesday, March 15 during a workshop sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and the Bahamas Hotel Association for stakeholders in the tourism industry.

Director General of Tourism, David Johnson, said The Bahamas is ‘poised’ to capitalise from business in the Latin American region.

‘For many decades now, we have known that the desire to travel to our country from South and Central America is quite high and rising,” said Mr. Johnson. “The means to travel and the language barrier, however, were a hindrance for us, therefore we were unable to capitalise on that demand.”

That recently changed, however, with the recent announcement that COPA Airlines, a leading airline in Latin America, will begin offering non-stop service from Panama to Nassau commencing on June 15.

Mr. Johnson said the Latin American market is a very ‘lucrative” one that was not affected by the recent worldwide recession. He explained that even though Latin American people share many similarities with Bahamians, it is still important to put the necessary investments in place to properly accommodate this market.

“There are still some basic things that we need to be aware of, appreciate when dealing with this market,” said Mr. Johnson. “That’s why we have to put ourselves in the position to do this right and take advantage of the potential of Latin America.”

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The next ten years look set to be “the decade of travel and tourism” said UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai at the opening the ITB Travel Trade Show in Berlin, Germany, March 9-13.

“The first decade of the twenty-first century was a decade of extraordinary tourism growth but also of severe shocks: a decade that began with September 11 and ended with global economic crisis,” said Mr. Rifai. “Now – with recovery underway and international tourist arrivals up by 7% in 2010 – is the time to look forward and ask what the next ten years hold for our sector.”

Meeting at ITB against a “background of a recovering economy and significant geopolitical shifts,” the world is faced with the diverse and complex challenges of unbalanced economic growth, high unemployment, rising oil prices, and the environmental imperative. As world leaders face up to these challenges, tourism can lead “a new decade of fairer, stronger, and more sustainable growth” said Mr. Rifai, “and be one of the most effective agents ofdevelopment.”

“As traditional economic sectors lose dynamism, it is clear that a second wave of service sectors, including tourism, are emerging. These are the industries that have exhibited particularly strong growth over the past few years. And these will be some of the most dynamic and economically significant industries and development agents of this decade,” he added.


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juneteenth_copyNational Juneteenth Holiday Campaign Chairman, ., was glad to hear the news about the passage of S.R. 164 by the Georgia State Senate recognizing the "19th of June" as Juneteenth Celebration Day. Georgia is now the 37th state to celebrate the of end of enslavement in America.

"Georgia joins Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Delaware, Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, California, Wyoming, Illinois, Missouri, Connecticut, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Arkansas, Oregon, Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, Virginia, Washington State, Tennessee, Massachusetts, North Carolina, West Virginia, South Carolina, Vermont, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Mississippi and the District of Columbia in recognizing the end of enslavement in America," states Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D., Founder & Chairman of the National Juneteeenth Observance Foundation (NJOF).

Juneteenth commemorates the day when slaves in the last geographic area in America where slavery existed learned of their freedom. This took place on June 19, 1865, in Galveston, Texas, when Union General Gordon Granger read General Order #3, announcing that "all slaves are free" by Proclamation of President Abraham Lincoln. The Emancipation Proclamation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln on September 22, 1862, and issued on January 1, 1863. It took over two and a half years for the news to travel to southwest Texas.

"We especially appreciate Senator Lester Jackson for sponsoring the legislation that has made all of this possible," states Dr. Myers. "We also want to thank Sen. Donzella James and Sen. Valencia Seay for their support for Juneteenth to be recognized at the state capitol."

Now that Juneteenth is recognized in Georgia by the State Senate, Myers is hopeful that perhaps Georgia U.S. Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson will support legislation in the U.S. Congress to officially place Juneteenth on all calendars.

"We are not asking for a paid federal holiday, which will be a burden on tax-payers, but a National Day of Observance like Flag Day or Patriot Day," states Dr. Myers. "As more states like  Georgia  pass Juneteenth legislation, with only thirteen states remaining, we hope that President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress will finally officially establish a day for the observance and celebration of the end of slavery in America."

Thousands of petitions have been forwarded to the White House urging President Obama to make Juneteenth a National Day of Observance and to establish a Presidential National Juneteenth Commission to provide advice on how the annual observance of Juneteenth Independence Day can bring all Americans together with the goal of promoting greater understanding and racial healing.  

A similar petition drive is pushing for the issuing of Juneteenth "Flags of Freedom" postage stamp by the USPS.

"The official recognition of Juneteenth Independence Day and the end of enslavement by state governments and the U.S. Congress are very significant steps in bringing healing to America from the legacy of enslavement," states Rev. Dr. Myers, also Founder & Chairman of the National Juneteenth Christian Leadership Council (NJCLC), the National Day Reconciliation & Healing From the Legacy of Enslavement and the annual Washington Juneteenth National Holiday Observance.

For information on the National Juneteenth Holiday Campaign, the National Day of Reconciliation & Healing From the Legacy of Enslavement, the Washington Juneteenth National Holiday Observance and Juneteenth Celebrations in Georgia, contact Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D. at 662-247-3364 or e-mail: or web sites: and .

The Resolution is as follows:

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1 Recognizing "Juneteenth Celebration Day" in Georgia ; and for other purposes.

2 Wheras, the Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President Abraham Lincoln on

3 January 1, 1863, and General Lee surrendered in April, 1865, officially ending the United

4 States Civil War; and

5 Whereas, news of the Emancipation Proclamation and the end of slavery did not reach

6 Texas , Oklahoma , Louisiana , Arkansas , and California until June 19, 1865; and

7 Whereas, on that evening, thousands of former slaves flooded the streets in spontaneous

8 celebration, rejoicing in the news of their long awaited freedom; and

9 WHEREAS, the nineteenth day of June has been observed as "Juneteenth" to commemorate

10 the joyous events of June 19,1865, and Juneteenth celebrations have occurred in states across

11 this great nation; and

12 Whereas, "Juneteenth" and similar Emancipation Day observances formally recognizing

13 the abolition of slavery are now officially observed in numerous states, Washington, D.C. ,

14 and internationally in countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America ; and

15 Whereas, Americans of all colors, creeds, cultures, religions, and countries of origin share

16 in a common love of and respect for freedom, as well as the determination to protect their

17 right to freedom through the democratic institutions by which the tenets of freedom are

18 guaranteed and protected; and

19 Whereas, it is only fitting and proper that the State of Georgia appropriately recognize

20 this glorious event marking the end of slavery and the beginning of freedom for so many who

21 had wrongfully suffered in this state and nation.

22 Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the Senate that the members of this body

23 hereby recognize "Juneteenth Celebration Day" in remembrance of those who received the

24 exultant news of their freedom and as a memorial to all those who suffered from the cruelties

25 of slavery, and encourage ceremonies, celebrations, and other activities to be held in their

26 honor.

27 Be it further resolved, that the Secretary of the Senate is authorized and directed

28 to transmit an appropriate copy of this resolution to the National Juneteenth Observance

29 Foundation.

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A new book on the importance of global tourism in the social, economic, and diplomatic development of nations was launched this week at the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Global Tourism Forum in Principality of Andorra, in advance of ITB Berlin.

Ranked as one of the fastest-growing economic sectors in the world, tourism has become a powerful force of international understanding, accessibility, opportunity, and unity. With businesses vigorously expanding into new markets and tourists excitedly exploring new cultures, the 21st century is set to be the century of travel.

“COME CLOSER: How Tourism Is Shaping the Future of Nations" by Anita Mendiratta offers travel professionals a current demonstration of how tourism is shaping the future of nations economically, socially, philosophically, and competitively; how people and nations are coming together through tourism in ways previously unimagined.

Created with tourism leaders around the world in mind, from governments to global corporations, diplomats to business decision-makers, media to marketing authorities - this examination of the tourism sector from purpose to impact offers valuable insight for people playing a part in the global tourism economy.

Using emotive anecdotes to bring readers closer to the heartbeats of the people who inspire and direct industry growth, Mendiratta’s collection of topics helps introduce critical aspects of tourism sector development. The book includes valuable direction for managing the fine balance of government and private industry in tourism to create shared, sustainable destination growth. The book poses valuable questions that every tourism executive should be asking of him/herself, as well as his/her stakeholders.

Covering topics from the role of government, diplomacy, tourism investment, and destination branding to niche tourism development, media, tourism safety, and green tourism, the book offers a framework for strategic and practical tourism economy management and competitiveness. Ultimately, Mendiratta’s style illustrates the passion that destinations can share with the world while asking the questions that can help impact tourism’s effectiveness.

Incorporated in Mendiratta’s book are contributions from various leaders in global tourism offering perspectives from across the globe. Contributors include UNWTO, WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council), The Travel Corporation, CNN International, Visit Britain, Singapore Tourist Board, Ministry of Tourism of Tahiti, Ministry of Tourism of India, US Travel, and others.

According to Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO): “Come Closer is an invaluable resource for tourism leaders, policy makers, and stakeholders as they drive the global tourism economy forward. The balance of content, between the hands-on and the theoretical, provides both the public and private tourism sectors with a complete understanding of the workings of tourism, both on the ground and at the global level. Anita Mendiratta’s ability to convey the importance of tourism in terms of its economic value comes second only to her capacity to reveal the very human side of tourism.”

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Image - Zimbabwe to Host Africa Travel Association's 37th Annual World Congress

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Image - Meet Janine Bell, A Multifaceted African Diaspora Tourism

Monday, 14 November 2011

Image - Meet James Fernie, A VIP in African Diaspora

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

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Image - Maryland to Become 42nd State in U.S. to Recognize Juneteenth This

Friday, 6 April 2012

Image - Marcus Garvey's Childhood Home in Jamaica to be

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Image - Save the National Institute for the Study of Dutch Slavery and its Legacy (NiNsee)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

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Image - U.S. Changes Requirements for Certain Cuba Trips Citing

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Image - Landmark Harlem Firehouse to be Reborn as Afro-Caribbean Cultural

Monday, 6 February 2012

Image - Call for Reminiscenes of Roberto Clemente: Transnational Hero

Thursday, 29 December 2011

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