kenyaIn celebration of 20 years of cultural programming, African Musical Arts will present the Kenya's Moipei Quartet first US Tour this spring!


At the young ages of 17 and 19, they have already been singing and performing for more than a decade. They have represented Kenya in quite a number of international events in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, China, South Korea, Canada and Venezuela. In 2006, the girls were appointed the first ever UNICEF Child Ambassadors in Kenya and since then won the prestigious 4th SABC Crown Gospel Music Award in Durban, South Africa, for "Best of Africa" with their first album, In the Land of the Lion. Known for their knowledge of a wide variety of music styles, the quartet perform all styles of music from classical, African, opera, gospel and pop.
These young musical talents appear to be on a skyrocket to success with no end in sight. Their beautiful "angelic" voices were featured in a recent performance at the inauguration ceremony of the Kenyan President in April 2013. Now they are embarking on their first U.S. concert tour beginning this February in major cities including stops in New York, Memphis, Jonesboro, Dallas, San Antonio, St. Louis, and ending in Chicago. Besides performing at A-State's Fowler Center, the girls will be performing at the Touhill Performing Arts Center in St. Louis. And in Chicago, their tour will culminate with workshops with the Chicago Community Chorus and the Chicago Children's Choir and performances for the 7,000+ members of Trinity United Church of Christ.
The unique musical talent of these siblings was noticed early on. "Our parents discovered our talents when we were two and three years respectively. They tell us they hummed a tune and we hummed back." Besides their vocal talents, the girls each play instruments including flute, saxophone, violin and clarinet. Even with their daily practices, which tend to last over three hours, it was not lost to them that they needed to excel in school.  "Balancing school and music has not been easy, but our parents made sure we learn how to."
Cities where they will perform include New York, Memphis, Dallas, San Antonio, Saint Louis, Chicago and Minneapolis. Tour begins in March. For city tour schedule, visit or call 314-652-6800.