Diversity Restoration Solutions, Inc. (DRS), creator of the XODUS 2019 Homecoming Experience Projects (Underground Railroad Experience Tour and XODUS Homecoming Tour), is organizing our first annual Underground Railroad (UGRR) Homecoming Day on Saturday, August 9, 2014 at the Great Dismal Swamp in South Mills, North Carolina and ChesapeakeVirginia. It is time to honor our UGRR history and reconnect with families and communities near the U.S. National Park Services' designated UGRR site at The Great Dismal Swamp. The Dismal Swamp is the only UGRR site located in two states.

We are launching our Underground Railroad and XODUS Homecoming Remittance Fund Process to generate financial support to organize and facilitate the event. We are contacting people and organizations with ancestry and ties to North Carolina andVirginia residing anywhere globally for their support and participation. We hope to see you at the UGRR Homecoming Day and welcome you back home to learn about the history and courage of African Americans that were enslaved and worked at the Dismal Swamp and Canal.


This Xodus Homecoming Nerwork is a global initiative concept, spearheaded by Diversity Restoration Solutions, Inc., (DRS) to organize the prophetic gathering and structure of the transatlantic slave trade descendants and supporters, while restoring economic relationships with Africa and fulfilling the promised destiny.


In the year 2019, the African diaspora in the United States arrives at a major milestone in our 400-year journey outside of Africa.  The significance of this historical era affects the cultural, spiritual and social lives of millions of people around the world.  There is also the global economic impact of this prophetic restoration that has the potential of generating billions of dollars in a new industry that fosters new business opportunities and creates thousands of jobs globally. 
 For more information, visit http://www.xodus2019.com 


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