Finally the Patented Miracle Cure for “Whatever Ails You” that has its Roots in Africa

Air Force veteran Arrie Kegler has preserved the remedy passed down from slave ancestors that stops all pain.

Mr Kegler 2A piece of black history for pain care with origins from Africa may have been lost if Arrie Kegler, a veteran of the Korean era had not called his grandmother for relief from rheumatoid arthritis. Kegler had just retired when he started suffering tremendous pain from this condition. Then he remembered his elders talking about a cure for pain that had been passed down in his family since the days of slavery. He immediately called his grandmother to get it, mixed the all-natural ingredients together and rubbed it on his body parts that hurt. He found that it was the remedy for not only his arthritis, but all and any forms of pain that he had.

After 8 years of red tape and $100,000 later, Kegler finally got the patent for the “cure for whatever ails you.” His company Kegler’s Pain Relief is based in Dallas where the orders for the pain relief lotion increase every day as more and more people learn about it. The formula is a miracle remedy that stops pain dead in its tracks within a few minutes. Users who have experience moderate to severe, and chronic pain continuously testify how it has worked for them when nothing else would.

Kegler says that his special lotion is different because of the way it is prepared and there are no side effects like there are with many prescribed pain medications. “We have a patent cure for chronic pain that has been FDA approved that is safe for anyone to use,” explains Kegler. “It can be used for any form of arthritis, back pain, joint pain, cancer pain, gout, cramps, headaches, and any other pain as well as asthma relief. And it has a 98.6 effectiveness rate. You won’t believe how good it makes me feel when a parent comes up to me and tells me that their child no longer has asthma after using my lotion. That’s one of the best feelings in the world! I feel safe to say that it is nothing short of a cure for asthma.”

The recipe for the formula, that has been in Kegler’s family for well over 150 years was developed in the fields and keglerbottleused by the enslaved on a plantation in Waycross, Georgia, as far back as 1840. “This miracle pain lotion was developed by our African ancestors and passed down to my family from days of slavery,” states Kegler. “My great grandparents had the formula, which they got from their parents, and their parents got it from theirs. My grandparents had this when people would come down to their farm, mainly on Sunday in mule-drawn wagons, and were always moanin’ and groanin’, to get some of grandpa’s good-for-what-ails-you pain lotion,” states Kegler. “I am blessed to have been able to preserve this remedy from word of mouth.”

The FDA- approved formula has ingredients that include hot peepers and apple cider vinegar. These and other natural ingredients combined decrease something called “substance P” that transmit pain signals to the brain. With less “substance P, the pain in the body is inhibited. A neurotransmitter blocker, Keglers Pain Relief lotion blocks signals between the areas of pain and the thalamus area in the brain, and the user does not experience the discomforts of the pain in their body.

One powerful medical professional who can testify to the effectiveness of Kegler’s Pain Remedy is Rev. Dr. Ronald V Myers MD, Founder and President of the American Pain Institute (API) and the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF). “Thanks to Mr. Kegler, we now have a patented cure for chronic pain from arthritis, back pain, cancer pain, gout, as well as asthma,” states Dr. Myers, who is also a commissioned medical missionary and founder of The Myers Foundation for Indigent Health Care and Community Development. Dr. Myers helped to get Kegler’s product endorsed by World Sickle Cell Day that was established by the United Nation to be on June 19th to correspond with Juneteenth, the day that slaves were freed in 1865. Kegler, who was honored at the 2014 Juneteenth National Flag Raising Ceremony is an advocate for pain relief from sickle cell and is donating a percentage of every sale of a bottle of his pain remedy to the Sickle Cell Foundation.

Another physician who can testify about Kegler’s Pain Lotion is Dr. Joseph W. Nawrocki who is also a medical missionary. He utilizes Kegler’s Pain Lotion in his practice because of the high success rate in pain relief. “Initially, I was not sure a topical preparation could relieve pain successfully,” states Dr. Nawrocki. “Now I have used Kegler’s Pain Lotion and seen the results. I have become a believer in the superior results obtained from Kegler’s Pain Lotion.”

Wellness expert and Egyptian reflexology practitioner F.D. Guyton is also sold on the miraculous healing power of Kegler’s Pain Lotion. Using it at his Mare’ Wellness Center, he calls the Kegler’s remedy the Pain Emancipator or Pain Abolitionist. “This is yet another freedom for Black People all over the world. Like the freedom that we celebrate on Juneteenth, Kegler’s Lotion is our chance for freedom from pain,” says Guntey who has joined forces with Dr. Myers in distributing the lotion. “The Black liberation should also include liberation from pain. That’s why I have joined forces with the Juneteenth Foundation and World Sickle Cell Day to get the word out about this product through ”The African Connection for Pain Care.”

Kegler refers to his lotion as the “King of Pain Relief”. “Nothing on the market works as well,” he says. “My product is a 100% improvement over all the other prescribed and over-the-counter medications to date. Ninety five per cent of the people that come to me for pain and swelling had tried every possible means to get relief to no avail. Many had been seen by doctor after doctor, and received little or no relief. Their medications that they were taking also had adverse side effects. People that come to me have used every cream, rub, jell, or ointment that contains the ingredient capsicum of varying strengths. They have gotten very little relief, if any. My formula contains capsicum extract in a liquid form as well as other active ingredients that stop all forms of pain in 1-5 minutes where relief can last for hours, days, weeks, and even months,” explains Kegler.

Keglers liquid goldThe best part about Kegler’s pain lotion is that it is completely organic (all natural ingredients). After over 175,000 successful applications, there has been no side effects. The unique pain formula has been featured in various media sources and on Fox4 News two times. The product which has been researched and tested shows unbelievable results. There are volumes of testimonials that document the results from Kegler’s relief formula. It has been used by sports professionals like the Dallas Cowboys with pleasing results. It has also been used in clinical trial at Cedars-Siani Medical Center in Los Angeles. Kegler has shared his product with church members and friends who had pain in various areas of their bodies. The results were the same-total relief for pain for extended periods of time.

“Kegler’s Pain Relief lotion is a gift from our enslaved and African Ancestors to us,” says Kegler. They are speaking to us from the grave and I have made it my mission to get this product out to the world. Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways. If I had never had arthritis pain, I probably would have never called my grandmother for the formula when she was 86 years old and this mracle formula from our African Ancestors would have been lost forever. She passed the ingredients for the formula to me and it is my duty to get it back into the lineage communities of our African ancestors. That’s why I have not sold out.” If I sell-out, our slave ancestors may not get credit for this formula that they developed just like many other of their inventions where credit was lost or stolen. ”

While awaiting for his U.S. Patent, Kegler had to keep a somewhat low-profile in marketing Keg's formula for his own protection. Even after he got his patent, some pharmaceutical companies and medical practices have still felt threaten by his pain relief product. But now the genie is out of the bottle, and Kegler is ready to roll with it full force, especially in the black communities of Africa and the global African Diaspora.

Kegler wants to use his pain lotion product not only to alleviate all pain in the communities, but also as a way to empower communities economically. “We want people to not only enjoy freedom from pain, but also financial freedom.” Kegler, who has turned down over $50 million dollars because he wants to keep the product a black-oriented business, has launched the African Connection Pain Emancipation Distributorship initiative to empower black entrepreneurship. For a limited time only, he is setting up distributorships at no charge to 50 qualified people who sign up to become distributors.

Kegler believes his product is the Mother-load in terms of health care and financial empowerment for black people. “I turned down the $50 million and others who continuously offer me millions because I believe that this is potentially a billion dollar industry, and it will be black-owned. I am giving others the opportunity to help get in at the ground level for the potential to become one of our millionaires.”

  Check out this you tube video about this product and testimonials.

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