black woman britBlack Cultural Archives in London recently kicked off its autumn programme with Re-imagine: Black Women in Britain exhibiting until 30 November. This intimate exhibition takes you on journey and unlocks the archive vaults to reveal the rich and diverse contributions of remarkable Black women. The historical and often personal accounts are brought together for the first time in this collection of photographs, portraits and oral history testomonies. Admission is free.  

Re-imagine: Black Women in Britain

Long before the Empire Windrush arrived on British shores in 1948 there were women of African descent in Britain. Black women were here to witness the construction of Hadrian’s Wall in Roman Britain and everyday life over the centuries, in the markets and music halls, homes and factories.

Re-imagine gives us a glimpse of some of these women, the traces of their lives lying in vaults of archives, libraries and museums across the United Kingdom and brought together for the first time.

Side by side. Face to face. Courageous women who, throughout generations have been brave. We invite you to ‘re-imagine’ their lives, to create a tapestry of stories that paint a picture of the many and eclectic roles of Black women over time.

Explore the vivid life stories of some of these women in our in-depth lunch talks with academics and leading women in their field, delve into the collection with Treasures of the Archives and World Audio-Visual Heritage Community Day. Also, don't miss our special events marking 35th Anniversary of OWAAD and the first annual Len Garrison Memorial Lecture.

Source: Black Cultural Archives