naomi-kingAfter 39 years, the sister-in-law of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. breaks her silence. Mrs. Naomi Ruth Barber King has decided to share her personal stories. She is the widow of the late Rev. Dr. Alfred Daniel Williams King who is the younger brother of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Rev. A.D. King was a formidable companion and confidant to his brother.  Mrs. King’s newly released book entitled, "A.D. and M.L. King…Two Brothers Who Dared to Dream," depicts the Civil Rights Movement in a rare collection that preserves the King Family Legacy.  

Mrs. King launched her book signing tour in Atlanta just
 this past July and later continued with her book signing at a private reception of community, business, and civic leaders in Chicago. Ms. King will engage the participants at book signings around the country abd beyond as she expounds on her life as the wife of an iconic Civil Rights leader. She is committed to illuminating the lives of these brothers with a vision, foot soldiers, husbands, fathers and leaders to ensure that “The Dream” is never forgotten. Upcoming booksignings to be announced.


This woman of grace and distinction is known as the “Butterfly Queen,” a metamorphosis that at the age of 82 brings her into the forefront of today’s turbulent social climate.  As Chairman Emeritus of the A.D King Foundation, Mrs. King worked to change an era of tension and mistrust between blacks and whites in America.  Now in 2014, our newspapers and television screens are filled with images of military tanks and rifles poised at innocent citizens protesting peacefully.  It is time to revisit the conversation and actualize the precepts of love, peace, equality and non-violence. 

ad-king-logoHer book  "A.D. and M.L. King… Two Brothers Who Dared to Dream" reflects on her life and the events that shaped the Civil Rights Movement, which were broadcast in black and white. Today in our current landscape, she sees similar images of the past now being broadcast in color. Mrs. King is moved to step forward to build a relevant dialogue that will empower and inspire our youth to retain hope, bridge the gap of turmoil and struggle and encourage people to live out their dreams.


Mrs. King wants to help our nation live by the principles of non-violence and love that her husband taught and lived by.  At this point we can begin to heal and celebrate our differences.  Almost four decades later, it is time to embrace our diversity by moving from division to unity, doubt to hope and from hate to love.  



Dr. Babs Onabanjo, co-founder and CEO of the Ad King Foundation, who helped her with the book is managing her book tour. For more information about book signings or to order the book, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The A.D. King Foundation is a non-violent conflict resolution entity whose mission is to promote youth empowerment development and non-violent social change strategies as a way of life throughout the world.






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