dr. david flemingDirector of National Museums Liverpool Dr. David Fleming has come on board as an Honorary International chair of the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards (ADWT-Awards) events that will take place in Atlanta, Ga. USA April 15-17, 2016.  He joins a stellar group of other leaders from around the globe who will help support ADWT-Awards, which is the first of its kind honoring leaders who have influenced black cultural heritage tourism.

Since becoming director of National Museums Liverpool in 2001, Dr. Fleming has supervised the completion of several major capital projects, including the opening of the International Slavery Museum in 2007 which welcomed its millionth visitor by 2010. The International Slavery Museum was the first museum of its kind to look at aspects of historical and contemporary slavery, and it is also an international hub for resources on human rights issues. 

Liverpool-Slavery-MuseumDr. Fleming set up the International Slavery Museum to shed more light on one of the darker, most shameful and neglected areas in history. His vision for the International Slavery Museum is to promote the understanding of transatlantic slavery and its enduring impact, and to address ignorance and misunderstanding by looking at the deep and permanent impact of slavery and the slave trade on Africa, South America, the USA, the Caribbean and Western Europe. “Its aim is to end racism, ignorance and intolerance and inequality,” says Dr. Fleming.

Since Dr. Fleming became Director of National Museums Liverpool, visitors have quadrupled, rising from around 700,000 per year to more than 3.2 million. Past president of the UK Museums Association, Dr. Fleming is also Founding president of the Federation of International Human Rights Museums and founding president of the Social Justice Alliance for Museums. Dr. Fleming sits on various boards in England and currently serves as Chairman, Mayor of Liverpool’s Cultural Heritage Task and Finish Group, Vice Chair and Treasurer, European Museum Forum, Special Advisor, International Museum of Democracy, Rosario, Argentina and Founding President of the Social Justice Alliance for Museums to name a few. He has published extensively and has lectured and advised museums, municipalities and governments worldwide in more than forty countries on museum management and leadership, city history museums, museum ethics, cultural heritage management, social inclusion and human rights. 

Dr. Fleming, who has long challenged the idea that museums should remain neutral and a-political, says that the most potent weapon at our disposal is education; the essence of museums, and the essence of the International Slavery Museum. He is honored to support the ADWT-Awards event by serving as an honorary chair.

Other international honorary chairs include: 1) Dr. Ewart Brown, the former Premier of Bermuda who was the recipient of the inaugural ADWT-Awards Person of the Year for his leadership in igniting the concept of African Diaspora Heritage Trails as a tourism product; 2) Mother Queen Best K. Olimi, the Mother Queen of the Tooro Kingdom of Uganda who is a founding leader and the current Continental President of The African Queen and Women Cultural Leaders Network; 3) Senator Princess Florence Ita-Giwa, a Nigerian princess who served as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1992 until 2003 and 4) Lou D’Amore, founder and president of International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) who is also a strategic partner for ADWT-Awards.

Also, returning as an honorary chair for the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards are Naomi King and Joe Beasley. Naomi King is the sister-in-law of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and the co-founder of the AD King Foundation that honors the legacy of her husband Rev. A.D. King, the brother of the late Dr. King’s brother. Joe Beasley is an international humanitarian and founder of the Joe Beasley Foundation that serves to promote social equality around the world.



The ADWT-Awards event will again be presented by African Diaspora Tourism with publisher Kitty J. Pope who is the founder/director and executive producer of the event. Helping to present the event is the AD King Foundation CEO Dr. Babs Onabanjo who is the ADWT-Awards producer.  Also helping as a producer is Africa’s tourism guru Ikechi Uko, a foremost travel branding expert from Nigeria who will present an African Tourism component, and socio-economic developer Rev. Eugene Franklin, founder of the Pan African Cultural Heritage Initiative who will present a Pan African Tourism component for the ADWT-Awards event. 

Like the previous one, this awards event week-end will include the awards Gala, cultural entertainment, a Hall of Fame Luncheon and a Travel Expo. The ADWT-Awards event will feature two new components where event attendees can learn various aspects about African Tourism as well as Diaspora Tourism. The two new components are: 1) Bantaba: Africa Comes to her Diaspora and 2) The Green Book Summit: The Pan African Cultural Heritage Tourism Roundtable. In addition to having seminars and informative meetings, Bantaba and the Green Book Summit will be a part of the Travel Expo. These two new additions to the ADWT-Awards and Travel Expo guarantee something for everyone interested in cultural heritage tourism.

The Master and Mistress of the Ceremony will be internationally acclaimed film, television and stage actor Afemo Omilami and founder of the globally renown Nomadness Travel Tribe Evita Robinson. Omilami has been in show business for almost 35 years where he is best known for his roles in legendary films such as The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Forrest Gump, Drumline, and The Blind Side. Robinson launched Nomadness Travel Tribe as an urban travel organization that has now turned into a full-fledged travel movement that now has a membership base of about 10,000 people in over three dozen countries.

For more information about the 2016 African Diaspora World Tourism Awards event, please contact Kitty J. Pope at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .    To Register Click Here.

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