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As Bermuda gears up to host the Sixth Annual African Diaspora Heritage Trail (ADHT) Conference on October 15th-17th, so does anticipation to view the controversial Sally Bassett Memorial Statue that was erected a little over a year ago. Located on the grounds of Bermuda’s Cabinet Office, the statue is a very popular site that is now a part of the island’s African Diaspora Heritage Trail. This year’s 2010 ADHT conference, with the theme ‘Evolution of the Trail,’ will be about the history, culture, global communities and economic empowerment within the Diaspora. In addition to workshops, meetings and gala receptions, conference attendees will get to view the long-awaited Sally Bassett Memorial Statue as a part of cultural activities during the conference.

Pertinent issues and resolutions about the international advancement of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail will be discussed at the upcoming conference, along with issues about black heritage sites, like the Sally Bassett structure, which was not without opposition when plans were being made to erect it. The idea of a statue honouring a woman who had committed a crime being erected on government grounds did not sit too well with some Bermudians. To understand this controversy, you must first understand the story of Sally Bassett.

Sarah (Sally) Bassett was an elderly slave woman owned by Bermuda’s Somerset Parish residents Thomas and Sarah Forster. The Forsters also owned her granddaughter Beck. Sally allegedly decided it was time to put her knowledge of poisons to work and strike out for the way she had been treated over the many years that she had endured slavery. She is said to have once been whipped from one parish to another by a cruel master. On December 18, 1729, the story has it that she instructed her granddaughter Beck how to concoct poison from ‘ratsbane’ and ‘manchioneel root’ to kill her owners as well as their slave girl Nancy.

Sally was later arrested on June 2nd, 1730 and charged for this crime. Although Sally said that she didn’t do it, she was ordered to stand trial. She was found guilty and sentenced to be burned at stake despite maintaining her innocence. On Saturday, June 6th, 1730, the day of her execution was extremely hot. Sally bravely made her way to the foot of Crow Lane at the eastern end of Hamilton Harbor with guards escorting her. The stake was erected and hundreds of people had already lined up in the sweltering heat to witness this horrible spectacle.

The convicted old lady said, "No use you hurrying folks, there'll be no fun 'til I get there!" Legend has it that she was able to find humor even in the face of death. Some accounts said that she looked at the blocks of wood stacked to burn her and quipped “Ain’t they darlin’?

Before she was executed, Sally still adamantly maintained her innocence and declared that God would show that she was guiltless. Later when Sally's ashes were to be removed, a purple-blue Iris was observed to be growing in their midst. Today, the flower blooms all around Bermuda, and some legends persist that the flower is a sign of her innocence. This legendary flower is called "The Bermudiana." Because the day of her execution was such an unusually hot day, extremely hot days in Bermuda have come to be known as a “Sally Bassett Day.” As the story of Sally Bassett has been told and retold down through the years, it has become somewhat of a signature folklore legend for the island.

Most Bermudians know the story of the legendary slave woman and even tell different versions of it among themselves and to visitors to the island. While most believe that Sally Bassett is indeed a very significant historical figure, some believe that this gutsy old lady does not qualify as a heroine who should be honored with a memorial statue. Though they declare that slavery was wrong along with its cruel and inhumane punishments, they still preface this belief with ‘it was not a license to kill.’ Many Bermudians believe that she did not commit the crime or are at least suspicious as to whether it was really proven. Still, others believe that her act was heroic and comes under the category of self-defense. There are some who dismiss her act as a crime of passion, or temporary insanity, and classify her as is indeed a heroine. Whatever the rationale, centuries later, the controversy about Sally Bassett’s life and death still continues with many opinions divided along color lines.

At any rate, the ten-foot tall statue of the infamous woman was erected on the Cabinet Office grounds in Hamilton in 2008. The statue was initially slated to be located at City Hall, but caused a great controversy between City Hall and the ruling Progressive Labour Party (PLP) Government. The Corporation of Hamilton, lead by Hamilton’s mayor blocked the memorial citing logistical reasons and space concerns. This caused some of the PLP members to feel that the mostly white Corporation of Hamilton blocked the memorial as a snub or because of what she did. The statue finally found a resting place on the grounds of the Cabinet Office, rather than City Hall.   

sally_3Crowds from all over Bermuda showed up at the services to show their support and respect. Officially commemorated by Premier Dr. Ewart Brown on February 9, 2009, the Sally Bassett Statue is the first time a slave has been memorialized in Bermuda. The work of Bermudian artist Carlos Dowling, the statue depicts Sally ready to be burned at stake. At the dedication ceremony, there was a flame burning at the base that added a sombre effect to the statue of Sally Bassett's official unveiling.

High ranking Bermudian officials commented on the memorial statue. Former Premier of Bermuda Dame Jennifer Smith said of the memorial that the Sally Bassett story puts aside the myth that slavery is benign.  Smith said “...slavery by its nature cannot be benign.” Governor Sir Richard Gozney said that Sally Bassett was clearly a significant figure in the history of Bermuda. “She is a figure who is still respected, and who serves as an icon for many people on the island,” said Governor Gozney.

Premier Dr Ewart Brown said, “I worry that someday the sound of Sally's story will no longer echo between my limestone house and yours. Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, this monument is forever. The story of Sally Bassett will live for at least as long as this monument stands. All of us must forge ahead in our effort to make history, to shatter glass ceilings, to confront historic wrongs. These are uphill tasks and sometimes you are turned back. But in my mind that has never been a reason to quit.  The Sally Bassett monument is about ensuring every day that the story of Sally Bassett lasts at least until tomorrow.”

Whatever the opinions about the historic role of Sally Bassett, her story is most interesting and thought provoking, not to mention entertaining.  Stage plays and performances about her have usually been before packed audiences in Bermuda.  There are even books and literature about Sally Bassett and the poisoning incident. Whatever your beliefs about whether she should be honored with a historic site, the memorial statue is definitely a must-visit when in Bermuda.  When observing the lifelike statue of this brave woman, don’t be surprised if emotions are summoned, or at least moments of deep reflection.     

So why not go ahead and make plans to attend Bermuda’s Sixth Annual ADHT Conference to do the black heritage trail and to learn more about the historical, controversial and most of all, respectful Sally Bassett.  And you can even have some fun-in-the-sun on the paradise island at the same time!

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natural viagra alternatives questions

natural viagra alternatives questions

natural viagra alternatives questions

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