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     One of his paintings belongs to President Barack Obama. It is of the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall which hangs in the Oval Office of the White House. Another one of his paintings hangs in the home of jazz legend Herbie Hancok. One of the first persons to have paid top dollar for a painting by Chaz Guest is contemporary gospel singer Bebe Winans. Five of his paintings are owned by media mogulviagra sildenafilTyler Perry that he bought for his birthdayviagra sildenafilafter meeting Guest at an Oprah Winfrey fundraiser, and then seeing some of his creations at his home studio.chaz_and_obama

     The list of his paintings owned by notables goes on and on. Victoria Rowell, Norman Lear, Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro, Vanessa Williams and Naomi Campbell are among other private collectors of his artwork. Guest’s creations hang in art galleries, institutions and public buildings throughout the United States, Asia and France. Some of his artwork has been used as fundraisers and auctioned at charitable causes. Just who is this artist whose paintings command so much attention and bring in such hefty sums at fundraising events? What is it about his paintings that made Tyler Perry want five, and why has his work been so popular among A-list Celebs and notables? Just who is Chaz Guest?

      Guest is an acclaimed artist who calls both East and West Coast United States home. He creates original paintings, sculptures and drawings that are awe-inspiring, breathtaking and thought-provoking. His ability to put his inner conscious on canvas in such a way that elicits intense emotional reactions in viewers is what sets him apart in his field. Guest has done portraits of many great leaders including President Obama where he offers limited edition serigraphs of the painting.  

      An artist of profound vision, ingenuity and creativity, his work seems to speak to the human nature within us all which is why so many people are able to identify with it or find a part of them in it. In all of his work, Guest strives to capture the essence, wonder and meaning of what he conveys in his creations, and he does so with preciseness, excellence, honesty and integrity.

     Because he loves what he does, he paints all the time. When he is not painting, he is thinking of painting or preparing to paint. “I am always painting in my head,” says Guest, who has been paid over $100,000 for one of his creations. He appears to go into a trance when painting as he is pulled into deep introspection, which is probably why he produces such great works with seemingly effortless ease.  Guest sees himself as a tool through which his artistic expressions flow from somewhere deep down inside, probably his soul. That is the creative genius of artist Chaz Guest.

       Guest grew up in Niagara Falls, where he was subject to the wonders of nature, profound silence and a connection to the universe at an early age. It was then that he first learned to trust nature and to embrace his spiritual side. It helped that his father was a minister, laying the foundation for his spirituality, and that his mother was very supportive validating his belief in himself and his abilities. His deep spirituality and his ability to be fully present are reasons he is able to go within and then manifest works of art that seems to touch the human soul. “Silence is a great teacher” says Guest. “If you will listen in it, you will learn. The spiritual environment that I grew up in helped me to learn early about some of the realities of life.”

       It also helped that he practiced gymnastics and martial arts early in his life. He started gymnastics when he was 14 and continued throughout college. He became very good at it and later competed successfully in the U.S. Olympic program.  Guest says that gymnastics has helped in recreating himself as an artist, and martial arts has enabled him to become more proficient with his artistic skills. He is still diligent in martial arts where he also finds the time to instruct various youth groups. “It is good to start discipline practices at a young age because later in life there are really no short cuts,” says Guest. He believes that gymnastics and martial arts have helped him to hone his skills as an artist because they both develop not only discipline, but also focus and concentration.

        Guest got his start in creative expression when he moved to New York after college and enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology. There he began drawing and discovered that he had a real knack for it. He later moved to Paris, where the body of work that he did for such designers as Dior, Lacroix, and Yves St. Laurent made a lasting impression on the world of haute couture fashion.  As a fashion designer, he gave his drawings unparalleled grandeur that seemed to give them a life of their own.

     But as fate would have it, the silence that he learned to listen to when growing up continued to probe his mind and the artistic creativity within him began to synchronize. Both factors caused his artistic expressions to take an inevitable turn in another direction. Guest’s interest in drawing fashion designs blossomed into an undeniable desire to express himself as a painter. His creativity as an artist has been flowing ever since.

      Guest always felt that he wanted to accomplish something worthwhile in this lifetime. Inspired by people like Paul Robeson, Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods, he knew that he could do something of great significance if he put his mind to it. Guest toyed with different ideas on what he wanted to become and tried to follow in a few other people’s footsteps.  He played the saxophone for a while in hopes of being a great saxophone player like Charlie Parker. He also continued with gymnastics where he excelled, but later decided that it was just not what he wanted to pursue as a career. His move to New York that led to fashion design school allowed him to at last express the creativity that was all bottled inside of him. He ultimately began to channel his passionate, creative energy into the visual arts. The rest is history.

        Some of his paintings are now widely recognized as very important works in the realm of figurative expressionism.  Everything about Guest’s paintings is unique. From his spin on colors like Pozulli red, Egyptian Blue and Naples yellow, to the various canvases, to his use of oils, to his style of drawings and even his actual subjects, each of his one-of-a-kind pieces is a signature creation.  One of the most impressive things about some of Guest’s paintings is how he is able to achieve a three dimensional effect, sometimes by painting onto non-traditional surfaces. Guest has painted on unusual surfaces such as leaves, cotton, sandals and historic documents.

       Another of Guest’s interesting styles of painting is his collection where he has infused facial features and other characteristics of people of Asian and African descent.  A couple of years ago, he opened an exhibit called ‘Hybrid’ at the Left Coast Gallery in California. The idea for this work was born after Guest visited Asia where he traveled to Nagoya, Kyoto, Tokyo, Obama-Shi and Aizu and Hangzhou.  This visit combined with inspiration from Ethiopian traditions of the people of Omo Valley was the foundation for his Hybrid Exhibit. An artist who challenges cultural and ethnic prejudices, Guest says that this piece of work is about one individual using his imagination to create a hybrid of the two cultures.

       Guest has since developed an affinity for the Asian culture, which really began when he was a child heavily into martial arts. When he first saw Japanese doing martial arts, he was mesmerized.  He remembers once watching a Japanese gymnast perform with grimace and composure on a broken knee. He was impressed by the dedication that it took to continue, and witnessing that level of discipline and dedication stayed in his mind.   

      Since visiting in more recent years, the countries of Asia have become his favorites.  Guest says that he is impressed by the way Asians are so dedicated to their work.  “I love the way they are able to work with wood and do wood carvings. The Zen culture, Zen art, the ceremonial bathing, the food and so much about Asian culture just resonates within me,” explains Guest.  “I am flipped-out over sushi,” he adds. 

       Guest’s eclectic galleries of paintings and drawings appeal to people from all walks of life. One interesting gallery is the Cotton Series, which is a collection of black subjects from slavery and early days with cotton in the pictures. Some even have real cotton from a plantation embedded on the canvas. Another is his Dance Gallery with paintings of ballet dancers as Guest loves to paint movement. In some of these paintings, the dancers seem to jump out at you from the canvas. Guest’s Music Gallery also attests to his love of painting movement, where he has done pictures of subjects he sees in his mind’s eye performing or playing instruments. The Music Gallery includes paintings that he did at live concerts, as well as portraits of musical legends like Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. Guest's Geisha Gallery contains portraits of Asian women including ones he did using Zori sandals. After a trip to Japan, he fell in love with how the sandals felt and had dozens of pairs sent to him to use on his canvases.

       Sculptures that Guest has to his credit include the hands of jazz great Miles Davis holding a horn. His first sculpture was that of a bull. After seeing a bull fight in Spain, he kept an image in his mind, did the sculpture and created more bull sculptures from that mold.  He says that doing paintings and sculptures brings two different types of satisfactions to him.  He also did a painting of the bull fight.  To capture the essence of what he wanted to paint, he went down in the ring after the fight, put his fingers in some bull’s blood and put it on the canvas.  Guest sometimes uses these type tactics to connect with the subject he is painting.Obama_portrait

       Guest work has received rave reviews from many different segments of society. Whether they are well-known artists, political figures, A-list celebrities, influential notables or just plain art lovers, they all can agree on one thing: Guest is an extraordinarily talented artist whose unique creations have a way of tapping into the soul of the viewer. Guest and his artwork have continuously created an enormous buzz across various industries and among his collectors and viewers for the past several years or so.

     Actress Vanessa Williams, who sat for a portrait for guest said that Guest is a true renaissance man – not only a gifted painter but a martial arts instructor and all-around visionary. One lady said that she became an instant fan after seeing his work because his work is so poignant and exhilarating at the same time. Another viewer said that he likes the way Guest is able to capture the moment and spirit in his painting.  Another said that he was impressed by the way some of the people in Guest paintings seemed to be looking you right in the eye.

     The president of the Republic of the Gambia His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, whom Guest painted a portrait of, liked Guest’s work so much that he commissioned him to do a statue that is to be erected on Kunta Kinteh Island, formerly known as James Island. It was Guest who proposed to President Jammeh the changing of the name to Kunta Kinteh Island. When once visiting the Gambia and viewing the slave dungeons on James Island, Guest was moved to tears. ‘In my reality, I knew that people are tribal and that the dominant culture down through history named things and put their mark on them. But the island was not representative of the people who named it. I knew inside that I could not leave with the island still being called James Island.”

      Guest has already done a replica of the statue that is to be erected on the island in honor of Kunta Kinteh, a young African male who was captured and sold into slavery. Guest believes that Kunta Kinteh should be honored because of the great resistance that he displayed during the inhumane slave trade. The replica of Kunta Kinteh with outstretched arms that Guest sculptured represents how the 30 feet Bronze statue will look as a monument on the island. It is due to be erected in 2013 in time for the next Gambian International Roots Festival.

.     It is quests like these that reveal the social change agent that is a part of who Guest really is on a different level.  He once painted a picture of Troy Davis with outstretched arms in support of his belief that there was not enough evidence to warrant capital punishment for Davis.  “I identified with this because I was once wrongly accused of a crime that I did not commit. If my family and others had not supported me, I may not have been a free man today. That’s why I had to stand up for Troy Davis," says Guest, who used the painting of Davis at fundraisers with other supporters.

       Through his fundraisers for charitable causes and his artwork representing the need for societal change, Guest is indeed a social entrepreneur as well as an artist.  Another way that he aspires to help communities is through education. One of his platforms is to see more art education in schools. He would like to make art a possible career path that is more accessible to inner-city, high-risk youths.  

     viagra sildenafilArt creates options,” says Guest. “I believe there is a Picasso in some remote area of the planet with no resources. I want to find that child and help present him or her to the world."  It was the inner streets of the city that claimed the lives of two of Guest’s relatives which had a profound effect on him. He works harder at his craft in their memory, knowing that he has been blessed to have made it out of the inner city. “Developing art programs for schools would be a way of giving back,” he says.

     chaz_-Guest-Holding-replica-of-statue-to-come-224x300 Implementing extensive art programs in schools is one of the things Guest would like to keep at the forefront of his agenda. “I can’t trust government and the schools to inject art programs, so I have to rely on myself.” Guest would also like to do traveling exhibits to display his artwork and allow some school kids special admission. He hopes that this will give potential artists incentives for careers, and provide inspiration to others about what can be done if you work hard and make the best of your natural gifts and talents.  

      Currently Guest is working on still another project to connect youth around the world through art.  It is a world art project that starts in Japan and links children in Gambia and West Africa, and then other places in the world. “Through this project, I would like to see children all over the globe trading and sharing paintings. I believe that if you can get people to respect each other’s talents such as painting at an early age, it can be a step toward getting them to respect each other as humans.  The art process can be an avenue for people to learn to respect each other’s cultures also.”

     “I use art to bridge cultures, and bringing art to people is what I do,” says Guest. “That is who I am, and this is my overall calling, beyond just painting or using my skills as an artist. Your work or talent can be a calling, but there is usually also a higher calling. I would like for my art work in some way to represent freedom, and promote global understanding and peace. I hope that it can instill a sense of connectedness in everyone who is touched by it. Through art, I can promote some of my beliefs about how society can take a look at itself and become better. I accept my responsibility for the power that I’ve been granted. That’s why my life is all about sharing.”

                                                                 For more information, visit .




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