butter_sheaThe 2012 Annual International Shea Butter Convention (ISBC) will be held at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park, Georgia just outside of Atlanta. The convention center is located adjacent to the Hartsfiled-Jackson Airport. The convention which is co-sponsored by African Scientific Institute will take place on October 11-13th. .


Join the 10th Annual International Shea Butter Convention to advance international commerce and technologies to foster a self -sustainable economic engine fueled by innovative shea products. ISBC is hosted by the American Shea Butter Institute (ASBI), a biotech institute dedicated to the improvement of human health and wellbeing through basic and applied scientific research. ASBI is internationally recognized as a leader in the innovation and advancement of Shea Butter for new commercial uses and products. ASBI  co-founder and CEO is Samuel Hunter, MD, PhD, an African Scientific Institute Fellow.


ISBC is a platform dedicated to Developing the shea industry in the United States and Internationally and to the empowerment of a shea based economic engine to fuel a viable and sustainable Sub Sahara Africa. The convention is the industry’s longest running international convention of its kind and is proven and established incubator for developing and facilitating USA-Sahel Africa business relationships. ISBC is comprised of a diverse community including scientists, educators, students, change agents, entrepreneurs, and resolute explorers alike, all working together with the intention to improve & empower the shea butter value chain as a sustainable global economic engine for Sub Sahara Africa.


Conference attendees in the past have included heads of state, manufacturers, scientists, distributors, technology experts, shea entrepreneurs, dermatologists, representatives from shea cooperatives, multi-lateral institutions & NGO’s from across the world.

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Call for Papers


The  ISBC Shea Innovation Symposium and Shea Vision 2035—A Strategic Economic and Research Agenda has issued an open Call for Papers that seeks to deepen research, analysis and discussion of the opportunities and challenges to advance technologies and commerce in the shea industry for multi-lateral trade and sustainable development of Sub Sahara Africa.




•    3 Days of Business and Educational seminars devoted entirely to the industry of Shea Butter
•    Become a Certified Shea Butter Technician by attending Dr. Hunter’s One-Day Comprehensive Workshop on Shea Butter
•    Get a Free Copy of the 2012 Edition of the Shea Butter Handbook
•    Learn what’s New, and See What’s Hot in Shea Butter
•    Learn about International Standards and what is the difference in Grades A,B,C,D,F
•    Learn why the International Standards for unrefined Shea butter destined for the personal care industry is more demanding than International Standards for unrefined Shea butter destined for the chocolate industry
•    Learn how Sub Sahara Africa can attract investment into the Shea producing regions, including foreign and direct investment
•    Learn what every buyer must know before purchasing Shea butter and how to determine the grade quality before purchasing of Shea butter
•    Enjoy the rare opportunity to have experts answer all of your questions about Shea butter
•    Learn what attractive incentives SSA countries are providing to increase Shea production and exports
•    Learn how you can participate with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to increase your exports
•    Learn Recent and New developments in Shea extraction techniques
•    Participate in the discussion about whether or not Shea Butter should be allowed in chocolate in America.
•    Learn the facts about the future of Shea in America
•    Enjoy the rare opportunity to meet face to face with producers and importers
•    Enjoy the rare opportunity to network with a large number of others in the industry
•    Learn what’s needed to start your own home based Shea butter business
•    Learn how to formulate your own product ideas with formulation experts
•    Enjoy the rare opportunity to discuss your products with national retailers and distributors
•    Take advantage of the opportunity to identify business development capital and business working capital for your own business
•    Use the exhibition area to get your message out across the industry



•    Manufacturers
•    Shea Butter Importers/Exporters
•    Distributors of Personal Care Products
•    Retailers of Personal Care Products
•    Manufacturers of Personal Care Products
•    Shea butter Distributor and Brokers
•    Cosmetologist
•    Cosmetic Formulators
•    Contract Packagers
•    International Courier Services
•    Vegetable Oil Scientist
•    Freight Forwarders
•    Custom Brokers
•    Air Cargo/Freight
•    Media Agents
•    Government Agents
•    NGO Agents


Feature Workshops


The ISBC organizes high quality industry workshops and symposia, providing expert level presentations and strategic discussion opportunities for the convention attendees through focused presentations and discussions.

Workshops are led by industry experts who may be a member of ASBI staff, a senior academic collaborator or a representative of one of the relevant Industry sector. Workshops, classes, breakout sessions, and forums, typically include key opinion leaders and stakeholders from the research and industry communities.
The subject areas for the workshops are prioritized by the ISBC Committee and attendee feedback.


Workshops may be technically or standards focused or as part of a more general educational initiatives.
Recently as part of General Admission we have covered, or plan to cover, the following topics in our workshops classes and break-out sessions including but not limited to;


1.    How to Evaluate Shea Butter, and the International Language of Quality.
2.    How to Import Shea Butter Direct from Africa-

Detailing the process of importing shea butter from Africa to the USA, including US customs requirements, and instructions on completing necessary paper work.   Attendees will review shipping lines, shipping lanes, freight forwarding and/or air cargo direct from Africa to USA warehouse.
3.    How to Comply with U.S. FDA Regulations-
o    Overview of how U.S. FDA regulates cosmetics
o    U.S. FDA Establishment Registration
o    U.S. FDA Cosmetic Product Ingredient Statement (CPIS) Filings
o    U.S. FDA Labeling Requirements
o    State of California Safe Cosmetics Program Requirements
4.    Small Medium Enterprise Shea business Forum – Challenges and Solutions
Designed to provide those who use shea products or are shea enthusiasts a road map to setting up and organizing a better shea butter business model.  This session will provide the attendee tools to start or enhance a productive and successful small business, while providing insights on using value added Shea Butter from a panel of business experts in the shea industry.
o    Retail Big Box access
o    Ecommerce Do’s and Don’ts
o    Branding and Marketing in the 21st Century
o    Identification of development  and business working capital  
5.    Shea Tech Certification Workshop-
This course is designed to provide the attendee with an understanding of the shea butter. Emphasis is placed on ingredients, grades types, colors, and sources.  The clinical properties that separate shea butter from all other vegetable oils will be discussed in detail.
o    Introduction to shea chemistry
o    Understanding Shea Butter
o    The search for certified organic Shea Butter
o    Review of Certificate of Analysis
o    Clinical Properties of Shea Butter
o    Shea Tech Examination

6.   Post Extraction Management Certification

This course is designed to give the attendee an understanding of the fundamental knowledge, processes and terminology as defined in the ASBI Shea Butter Handbook that are needed for the production of high quality shea butter products.  Including, but not limited to; production, post-production and marketing activities.

o    Harvesting of Shea Trees

o    Pre-Extraction, Extraction and Post Extraction Management

o    Quality Control and Assurance Protocols

o    Added Value, Brand Design and Marketing  

ASBI administers a globally recognized professional credentialing and licensing program that promotes professional development and Quality Management Systems for the Shea industry and the global value chain.  

Register Online at www.internationalsheaconvention.com.




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