air_jamaica_doctor_birdAccording to CM Weekly National News, Air Jamaica is gone for good. Read article to find out why:

The familiar orange and blue doctor bird logo of Air Jamaica will soon be nothing more than a memory, following parent company Caribbean Airlines' instructions to remove the logo from its aircrafts. The new regulation would effectively wipe out the last visible signs of the airline brand, which is still listed as Jamaica's national carrier.

According to Caribbean Airlines, the company decided to strip the logo from its fleet to comply with its operator certificate from Trinidad and Tobago's Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA), which reportedly bans the use of two brand names under one license. To keep the memorable doctor bird, Caribbean Airlines would have to register Air Jamaica as a new and separate airline.

The new policy would affect the six Air Jamaica planes remaining in the fleet at a reported cost of US$60,000 per aircraft.

Trinidad and Tobago's Minister of Trade, Industry and Development Vasant Bharath will reportedly meet with trade officials in Jamaica to discuss the issue. The decision places Caribbean Airlines at odds with their original agreement with the Jamaican government. Under that agreement, Caribbean Airlines is required to pay the Government of Jamaica an annual fee for the right to use the Air Jamaica name.

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago however hold majority shares in the Caribbean Airlines brand, which bought Air Jamaica's routes in 2010.

In response to the announcement however, Director-General of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Darby stated that he was not aware of any such regulation which would prevent Caribbean Airlines from using the Air Jamaica brand under its current license. Darby pointed out that it was a common practice in the airline industry to have one company operating two brands. He also confirmed plans to contact the TTCAA to debate their decision.

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