afri_artArt Africa Miami Arts Fair is a juried multidisciplinary exhibition of fine contemporary art from the global African Diaspora, situated in the epicenter of Miami's African-American cultural hub, Historic Overtown.  The central idea of Art Africa Miami is to present an array of visual works that pay homage to the centrality of Africa and its descendant diaspora's artistic contribution to the modern world. 

Art Africa Miami Arts Fair will be hosted in a tent/container hybrid model pavilion, which is sure to draw the curiosity of art enthusiasts, collectors, and aesthetes alike.This will give our fair goers and exhibitors, galleries and individual artists, an opportunity to experience an unparalleled body of work selected by a jury of art professionals whose contributions to the art world are extensive and of critical importance to both seasoned and emerging artists and galleries.   Art Africa Miami Arts Fair will host its Opening Reception at TheUrbanCollective on December 5, followed by our First Look benefit on December 6 at our site location in Historic Overtown.  Art Africa Miami exhibitions will run December 6-9.   The fair going experience will be enhanced by a number of live performances and panel discussions.  
Entry Process
Fill out the submission form on Art Africa Miami's Call to Artists page, providing your 100 word artist statement/ BIO and uploading 3 images of your preferred works to be shown during Art Africa Miami.  All images must be of publication quality i.e 300 dpi.  The artist statement should be no more than 100 words describing your body of work and exhibition experience. Entries must be received no later than Sept.24, 2012. The number of works included in Art Africa Miami Arts Fair will depend on the number of entries submitted and the space available.  
Art Africa Miami Arts Fair Call to Artists is open to all artists from the Global African Diaspora. There is no Entry Fee.
IMPORTANT: As an individual artist, it is not necessary, at this time, to submit an Art Africa Miami Exhibiton Application until the selection committee has convened and selected participating artist.   Once the Selection Committee has met and selected participating entrants, Art Africa Miami Arts Fair will contact and notify selected artists, who will, then, be asked to provide a completed application along with associated fees for exhibition.  The Selection Committee will convene to review artists' submission during the final week of September following the Sept. 24th Deadline.
Digital Images
Digital images must be saved as a high quality JPG  or PNG file. Images must accurately reflect the appearance of the work being submitted.  Any digital image correction, aside from cropping, should be done only to ensure accuracy, and should not artificially enhance the image.  Jurors reserve the right to refuse any piece that differs significantly from the image submitted. We suggest using at least a 3 megapixel camera at the highest resolution. Please bear in mind that spaces are allotted in 4' wide 8' tall panels.  Please factor this detail into deciding which pieces you would like to submit and show.
Entry Fee
There is no fee to enter the Art Africa Miami Arts Fair. Each artist must submit 3 images of their work.
Notification of Acceptance
Jury selection will be completed by Oct 1, 2012, and entrants will be notified of the juror's decision by email by Oct 5, 2012. The decision of the jurors is final. Selected participants will henceforth be asked to complete the online application and submit the necessary fees for exhibition.  Once the actual work is received, Art Africa Miami Arts Fair reserves the right to disqualify from the exhibit any work which are damaged or a substitution from the original entry.  Substitutions can be made with approval of the selection committee.
Shipping of Accepted Work
Works must be shipped to and from the exhibit at the artist's expense. No C.O.D. deliveries will be accepted. All pieces must be shipped in sturdy, well-labeled crates, boxes or containers. The acceptance letter will include instructions on packing and shipping your pieces to TheUrbanCollective.  We will also include shipping options to be provided by a dedicated shipping company if you require shipping assistance. Entrants are responsible for insurance during shipping to and from the exhibition. Artwork will be insured by TheUrbanCollective for the duration of the exhibition. Please include the written appraisal when shipping your pieces.If the accepted work is sold prior to the exhibition, the entrant must make arrangements with the new owner to make the work available for the exhibition. No piece accepted for the exhibition may be withdrawn prior to the completion of the exhibit.  If you have any questions, about submitting your work, please contact Art Africa Miami Arts Fair at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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