dubai_logoDubai is talked about so much that it is no wonder everyone wants to go. Now is the perfect time when the emirate will be hosting its first-ever Caribbean carnival set to hit Dubai on the 1st and 2nd of November. Headlining the two-day event will be award-winning Hatian-American artist Jason Derulo, noted Jamaican-America rapper Sean Kingston and popular American rapper and actor Bow Wow.

The Dubai Caribbean Carnival will take place at the Burj Park, a small private manicured island in central Dubai, in downtown Dubai, billed as 'The Centre of Now.' From here, carnival goers will be able to see spectacular views of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa and will be within walking distance from the world largest shopping center, the Dubai Mall.

The first day of the Caribbean-themed carnival starts at 4 pm with all types of activities leading up to the main concert featuring the three renowned international musicians. The main concert is scheduled to end at midnight.  Activities on the second day will start at 2pm and again last until midnight. This is a day that children and the whole family can enjoy. Family fun and entertainment will include carnival dancers and performers, fire eaters, jugglers, stilt-walkers and magicians. There will be rides for youth and the young-at- heart to enjoy and, of course, there will be plenty of Caribbean food.     

Derulo, a singer-songwriter, actor and dancer who has produced records for several artists and co-founded a record label is excited about performing in Dubai. With a Haitian background, he says Caribbean music played a role in his upbringing in Miami. Derulo told news source: “Dubai better be ready — it will be amazing, I guarantee. I’m a singer, writer and performer so all these elements come out in my shows."  Derulo says that he loves Dubai and that it is one of his favorite places. He hopes to go sightseeing, shopping at Dubai Mall and spend some time at the beach.

The first-of-its-kind, family oriented carnival themed around the music and entertainment of the Caribbean is brought to Dubai by “321 Events,” a company that previously hosted American singer Chris Brown on his F.A.M.E. tour and Dubai’s Charice Infinity Tour. The mission of 321 Events, Dubai's fastest growing events solutions provider, is to bring quality entertainers to the city while keeping a firm balance on entertainment for both a more mature audience family-based audiences. The organizers set up the carnival as a family event to celebrate many aspects of the Caribbean islands’ culture that all ages can enjoy.

Dubai-UAE-001Zoha Beig, CEO of 321 events says that family demographic is often overlooked in Dubai.” Bearing that in mind, we have conceptualized an outdoor event that can be enjoyed by young and old alike in the perfect weather the month of November offers.” She says that Caribbean culture will be represented “across the board. ”From the world-class Caribbean –inspired performers on stage to the colorful costumes and décor on display and the celebration of the food, dance and music of the Caribbean, the whole event is designed to entertain and energize the city. This will be a truly Caribbean week-end,” said Beig.

All three musicians who are becoming more global became successful early in their careers in America. Derulo released his debut single in 2009, which sold over five million digital downloads, gaining a double platinum certification, and reaching number 1 in the U.S. and New Zealand. He released his second single in 2009 and debut album in 2010. Kingston released his hit first single in 2007. He is set to release his third album which will feature artists such as T-Pain, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Dr.Dre. Bow Wow (formerly Lil' Bow Wow), released his first album, 2000 at age 13, which was followed by others in 2001 and 2003. He is also an actor who has had lead movie roles and a five episode role in a television series. 

The Dubai Caribbean Carnival is taking place at the same time as the popular anticipated Formula One which will take place in Abu Dhabi. Formula One is an annual three-day event that includes an after-race concert at the end of each racing day. Headlining acts include Eminem, Kylie Minogue and Nickleback.  

 Source:, Tabloid!