haiti on iceFor the first time, “Haiti on Ice” will be held in Haiti. The Sylvio Cator stadium in Port-au-Prince, will be transformed from a sports field to an ice rink from January 17 to 19, 2013, to host the ice-skating show.

The show will feature the two-time French Olympic Figure Skating medalist Philippe Candeloro and the nine-time French National Champion Surya Bonaly. Bonaly won the French national title nine times and the European National title five time and is known for being one of the only skaters who can land a back flip on one foot.

It was previously slated to take place from November 28 - December 4th but was pushed back according to organizers who held a press conference. The figure skating exhibition has been held in Guadeloupe, where 20,000 people turn out to see the performers and in the Dominican Republic where 43,000 tickets were sold.

The event is in partnership with Haiti's Ministry of Tourism.


Original source: http://konpaevents.com/?p=1867

Photo: Surya Bonaly by Bob Martin (Getty Images)