CEO Chief Tunde Adetunji with His Excellency Jean Ping 1Since its inception, Southern Polytechnic State University and African Heritage Foundation (AHF) collaboration has led numerous landmark events, as a means of creating a steady bridge between several African nations and Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU). One notable event held last February was the Celebrate Africa: Journey through the Ages Exhibition. The AHC at SPSU has played host to many noteworthy African dignitaries, including the under-secretary general, special advisor to Africa. Beyond showcasing the talents of many African inspired artworks, the event also played as a catalyst for many interested African nation representatives to make their presence known in the U.S.A.

Opportunities are out there, one just needs to see them! Gilbert Parker once said, “Love knows no distance; it has no continent; its eyes are for the stars.” Another way of looking at it is, the distance between opportunities isn’t a hindrance, and it’s merely just a number. One could say that the AHF’s president Chief Ambassador Tunde Adetunji, certainly holds to these philosophy and sentiments. Dakar, Senegal has now become the nearest and closet African nation to Marietta, Georgia in terms of Technology transfer, brain gain, human resources and capacity building for sustainable development of emerging market of Africa nations even though is located 4,361miles away.

Ambassador Tunde’s ambition and passion to strengthen ties between the African nations and SPSU is a mission accomplished which should be highly commended. As far back as the centennial Olympics 96 the pioneering and visionary initiative of the Africa Heritage foundation have successfully launched and establish:AFRICA iN ATLANTA, project, AFRICA WORLD MUSEUM& CENTER, AFRICA OPEN FOR BUSINESS , USAFRICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE , AFRICA HERITAGE DIASPORA RADIO &TELEVISION,AFRICA HERITAGE CENTER AT UNIVESITY , AFRAICA TRAVEL&TOURS AND AFRICA HORIZON MOVEMENT.

There are many aspects to his vision, to leave an indelible relationship amongst the Marietta, Georgia area and the many regions throughout the continent of Africa. One such example came a few month ago as the AHF welcomed fifteen Mayors and top government officials ,community leaders and decision makers representing various communities and local governments in Senegal to tour and learn more about the Africa Heritage Center instituted by the UN undersecretary general last February at SPSU campus.

CEO Chief Adetunju with   President Abdoulaye Wade of SenegalTheir main interest for the visit include: 1) establishing technological project ventures between the U.S. and Senegal, 2) fostering a stronger student exchange program, 3) creating attention/tourism between our two countries 4) a potential for a considerable more developing projects in the works to bridge the gap and build the bridge between the state of Georgia and Senegal. Beyond the items listed above the discussions at last weekend’s fact-finding-tour brought the focus to bringing more French speaking Dakar students to SPSU’s campus. Bringing these students abroad is an avenue to experience new opportunities and have an impact in the U.S.A relationship with the international communities.

These students also have an opportunity to take full advantage of many athletic programs that SPSU has to offer, mutually beneficial, as SPSU has a highly ranked soccer program and is always looking for more international talent. In many cases, free scholarships are available as great incentive. Invitation has also been extended to the CEO of AHC at SPSU, Chief Tunde Adetunji by four Chinese major universities whose main focus are in Agriculture, Mining & Technology, art & Culture, and university of Science & technology can also benefit from what AHF and SPSU has to offer. SPSU is a technology based university and has a thriving African heritage student body and technical input needed for many ongoing projects in the African regions and beyond.

Building and maintaining lines of communication between the two areas helps both involved. Opportunities are abound for Senegal and several other African countries in the U.S A. and if AHF/SPSU gets the chance to help create awareness and growth in African community both in Atlanta and the African continents, can have unforeseen advancements, bright future and progress.senegal mayors


Top photo: Chief Tunde Adetunji with former African Union Commison Chairman Dr. Jean Ping

Middle photo: Chief Adetunji with former Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade

Bottom photo: Chief Adetunji with Senegalese Mayors