DB PointingThe African Diaspora World Tourism Awards with its new date April 27th, 2013 is now a week-end event with the addition of the Africana Extravaganza and Travel Expo. The Africana Extravaganza, showcasing cultural heritage performances, will be hosted by noted British artist and sculptor Donald Brown. This event will take place on Friday evening and the Travel Expo, showcasing tourism destinations and products related to the hospitality industry, will take place throughout the week-end. The two-day event will culminate with the awards ceremony gala on Saturday evening at 7pm where many leaders and professionals who have influenced cultural heritage tourism will be recognized. Atlanta’s celebrated broadcast journalist Monica Kaufman Pearson, winner of more than 30 Emmy awards is the Mistress of Ceremony for the awards gala.

The internationally acclaimed sculptor Donald Brown is also a social change agent who is using his talent to inspire individual empowerment and help promote world peace through an international community-based initiative the ‘Struggle for Change’ project. Brown is traveling around the globe allowing different communities to mount a piece of clay on a board that he intends to sculpture into a piece of artwork that he is calling “A Sporting Chance for Peace.” In this art project, Brown incorporates visual arts, the performing arts and sports to address social issues and promote positive relationships and principles. (thestruggleforchange.co.uk)

Launched in Great Britain, the “Struggle for Change” is a world peace project that has been received and endorsed by many leaders including Gambia’s president Yahya AJJ Jammeh, former Georgia, USA representative John White and Deputy Mayor of Johannesburg, SA Councilor Norman Reed. “The art of success goes beyond taking a muddy piece of clay and creating a masterpiece. It is about sculpting our hearts and minds to create and master peace,” explains Donald Brown, who graduated from England’s Woverhampton University with honors in Fine Art Sculpture.

With over three decades of experience as an artist, he has continued to inspire people and humanize art through sculptures such as the Millennium Monument featuring a man lifting up the continent of Africa along with America, Japan and Great Britain representing the four corners of the earth with a woman holding up Africa from the back. Brown has designed artwork for awards for people like veteran actress Cicely Tyson, singer Janet Jackson, top fashion model Iman and actor Lawrence Fishburn. Recipients and notables who have acclaimed Brown’s artwork include poet Maya Angelou, Congressman John Lewis, the late Whitney Houston, singer Beyonce, attorney Willie Gary and sports legend Kareem Jabbar.

adwta-blockThe Africana Extravaganza event performances will include a re-enactment of Marcus Garvey by Ron Bobb-Semple who has moved audiences around the world with his one-man show, The Spirit of Marcus Garvey. Currently, the host of Caribbean Forum and Golden Sunday Sounds on The Uhuru Radio Network, Bobb-Semple received the Marcus Garvey Awards from the Government of Jamaica’s United Nations Association in 1988 and from the Marcus Garvey Celebration Committee in 1991. Bobb-Semple, who was born in Guyana, has traveled all over the globe including the United States, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe inspiring thousands with his re-enactment of Marcus Garvey. He recently returned from London, Sweden, Belgium and Germany where he showcased his cultural and educational presentation on Garvey as part of the Marcus Garvey Legacy Tour 2012 to Europe.

Other performances for the Africana Extravaganza include the Maisha Furaha Theater Group of from Tanzania. A part of the National Arts Council of Tanzania, the theater group performance includes a snake charm act. Also a part of this event is Kristina Pope, a cultural performer and trapeze artist, who will engage the audience with creative hooping entertainment. The Chestnut Brothers, an international band promoting the theme of non-violence will perform several old school and modern songs that evening. With other cultural performers lining up, the Africana Extravaganza will be an exhilarating addition to the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards week-end.

The Travel Expo taking place on both days of the week-end will feature various African and African Diaspora Destinations for event participants to learn more about tourism to different places. Representatives from cultural heritage museums, centers and festivals will also take part in the travel expo event and those from the hospitality industry will also participate in the Travel Expo.

For more information on this exciting event, visit ADWT-Awards.com.