LindaLinda Antognini has been painting since she was a little girl, creating one-of-a-kind original paintings. She says that she believes that there is no greater gift you can give to another than something made from the heart and soul. “That is just what you will find with my paintings; they are personal and created exclusively for you,” says Antognini.

 “At this moment in my artistic journey, I am creating a series of paintings inspired and interpreted from the powerful music of the late legendary Tupac Amaru Shakur. It is my hope that this will continue to evolve, grow, and strengthen each day. With your help, input, and dialogue we can share Tupac’s essence throughout the world.”

 Antognini is calling this set of paintings: “Project Tupac.” She says that this project is a vision of hers that was inspired by recent personal events that transformed her life. To date, she has painted 12 pictures in her ‘Project Tupac’ series. After listening to his songs for which she said must have been a thousand times, she got inspired to put some of the words and feelings from his music to paint. She intends to create 100 individual works of art, releasing them ten at a time over the next several years. Antognini will debut some of her "Project Tupac" painitngs at the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards in Atlanta April 26th-27th.

1 Tupac Dear Mama copy small“Blending Tupac’s music and passion with my experiences as a woman, artist, and life participant, I labor to bring forward Tupac’s message through oil on canvas original paintings. Listening to each song as you enjoy the visual representations creates an intense personal experience like no other. You can feel the music and passion as Tupac reaches out with his strong voice. Each painting is unique, dynamic, and a personal work in progress,” she explains. “I am actively engaging in various communities to help move forward Tupac’s commitment to his community.”

Antognini has lived from east coast to west coast and in Italy for eight years studying and appreciating art all the time. She has traveled most of Europe, with wanderlust and awe. Painting has been in her life the entire time. You can find her art in homes throughout the U.S. and Europe. For more information, visit




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