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There will be a celebration to honor outstanding African-Australians  on July 27, 2013 at the Parliment House in Canberra, Australia. The capital city of Australia, Canberra is the seat of the government of Australia. Events will last from 5pm until 11 pm and will include a dinner honoring 100 Most Influential African Australians. The event is being put on by Celebration of African Australians, Inc. For more information visit


Why celebrate African Australians? African Australians contribute so much to this great country. We have iconic African Australians in sports, medicine, law and entertainment. Several others are captains of industries, entrepreneurs and celebrities. In addition, many serve the government and community in various capacities. Therefore, the aim of Celebration of African Australians Inc ("Celebrate") is to celebrate, appreciate and showcase the contributions of African Australians to our collective growth and prosperity. This is a flow-on from the United Nation’s proclamation of 2011 as the International Year for People of African Descent. How we celebrate African Australians and friends of Africa Several African Australian legends, superstars and icons will be honoured by Celebrate at the Parliament House, Canberra, this year. In addition to honorariums, Celebrate will also showcase on this website and its sub-domains: 1000 African Australian professionals (Doctors, Engineers, Nurses, Social /Industry/Government Workers, Accountants, Academics, Managers, etc) 200 African Australian Icons, Legends and Superstars And numerous Australian organizations, businesses and individuals supporting the African Australian Community. Furthermore, Celebrate is collaborating with various professionals, organizations and industries to promote African-Australian and African related businesses, innovations, projects and events.







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