The dazzling stage performance that is bringing audiences all over to their feet!

photo-018The Dream Girls Tour is continuously enchanting audiences around the country.  After returning to the stage early this year, the glitzy play has continued touring to sold-out audiences all over the country. Having just dazzled audiences in Atlanta and Miami, the tour is set to continue in other southeastern cities through November.   Making a stop the last week-end in October in Nashville, Tenn., the tour goes on to Charlotte, N.C. before ending the month of November in Tampa and West Palm Beach, Florida.

Since the musical stage play first opened on Broadway in 1981 as a riveting success, racking up awards and garnering acclaim, the popular classic still has fans turning out in great numbers.  The original version made Jennifer Holiday an over-night success playing the lead role of Effie and doing the song “I’m not living without you.”  That same role and song did the same thing for Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls movie version a few years ago. Now newcomer Moya Angela is playing the role of Effie and receiving rave reviews for “I’m not Living without You!” Move over Jennifers. There’s a new gal in town!

Moya Angela has assumed the legendary role Effie White.  And she is doing a bang-up job filling her shoes as her voice has touched chords in audiences in the various cities already. Angela puts her own stamp on Effie’s role as the shattered pushed aside fourth Dreamgirl, and also on the production’s signature song “I’m not Living without you.”  Her amazing vocal range, flavored with heartfelt emotions, is bringing audiences to their feet several times throughout the production.

Full of energy and off-stage drama, Dreamgirls tell the story of an up-and-coming 1960’s girl vocalist group that vaguely resembles the story of Diana Ross and the Supremes. The powerful thought-provoking story is about three hopeful talented young ladies including Effie White who are embarking on a career as a show-stopping female vocalist group.  Personal and professional conflict arises when the beautiful vocalist emerges as the lead singing star of the group rather than the full-voiced Effie.

This play thoroughly entertains with it astonishing costumes, stage glitz and skillful dance moves. Even though it shows the drama and down side of the characters when off stage, the production still paints the theme loud and clear that the strong can and will survive.  For more information and dates of the show, visit

All photos by Joan Marcus.

South African artistic event promotes culture awareness while entertaining.

facelikemine2-largeThe AfroVibes Festival is a multidisciplinary festival that brings the best of innovative and experimental theatre, dance and visual arts from South Africa to international stages. An initiative of the late young South African artist Vuyo Raymond Matinyana, the festival will be touring the United Kingdom in October. Afrovibes is a biennial event currently under the artistic direction of South African choreographer Gregory Maqoma.

Maqoma, together with a team of English and Dutch programmers brings together an exciting program featuring well-known names such as Paul Grootboom, South Africa’s well-known and most provocative director.  Other festival participants include Asanda Phewa, South Africa´s 2008 best young theatre makers;  Peter Hayes, director of Cape Town’s Hearts and Eyes Collective Theatre; the Via Volcano dance group , South African 2010 Mapantsula Festival champions, UK hip-hop artist Benji Reid and other new and upcoming talent.

IMG_3528The annual Sedona Jazz on the Rocks (SJOR) festival will be held on Saturday, October 2nd on the lush grounds of the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, AZ. After taking last year off, the festival is gearing up for an exciting 2010 line-up of Jazz artists. This year SJOR is adding an exciting twist by expanding the performers to include blues and R&B in addition to jazz. The red hills will come alive with the different sounds of music all around!

The Sedona Jazz on the Rocks Fall Festival established in 1981, attracts more than 5,000 attendees each year from all over the United States and abroad. Many jazz lovers and performers returning year after year is a testament to the special uniqueness of this event. This year SJOR promises red hot jazz on the red rocks of Sedona for what officials are calling the ‘re-Jazzination’ of a great Arizona tradition.


Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Ghana in West Africa. Just 15 kilometers from the Ghanaian capital of Accra, the 2010 KUSUN Study Tour, an alluring educational synergy in West African drum, dance, and song, commences in the village of Nungua.

In the language of the Ga people, the word ‘Kusun’ means tradition. The KUSUN study tour has attracted international students since its founding in 1998, fulfilling its mission of sharing African tradition with people around the world.  With as many as 350 people participating in the tour every year, students have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who share in the love of West African music and culture.

MVAAFFMartha’s Vineyard offers vacation fun and delightful experiences in black culture and heritage tourism.

Martha’s Vineyard is certainly a dream vacation for beach fun, fishing, romantic and family getaways, destination weddings, business and culture retreats, birding, sailing and fantastic cuisine. If you have been thinking about visiting this desirable vacation spot in Massachusetts, now would be a good time to go to enjoy the African-American Film Festival and to explore the rich African-American heritage trail.   

The African-American film Festival will be going on Aug.11-14 in Vineyard Haven, Edgartown and Oak Bluff in Martha’s Vineyard. Guaranteed to be educational as well as entertaining, the festival takes place over four days with about 45 film screenings throughout Martha’s Vineyard. People from all over the US and some from abroad are expected to attend as they have for past festivals.  Included in this year’s festival at the Mansion House will be ‘The J. H. Gun Project’, ‘The Night We Died’ and the sixty-minute film ‘Up From the Bottom.’


It is said that the people of Santiago, Cuba, Santiaguerros, are known for their party spirit. And so it is no surprise that Cuba’s Fiesta del Fuego (Fire Festival), a week-long celebration of Cuba’s colorful history and cultural influences, is held in Santiago, Cuba’s second largest city, every year the first week in July. 2010 marks the 30th year since the inception of the festival in 1981 and the party begins on July 3rd and doesn’t stop until July 9th.  

The carnival features an international parade where countries all over the world are represented and an academic exchange and panel, where international scholars and experts discuss issues related to identity and culture.  But of course, the Fiesta del Fuego is celebrated Cuban style- rhythmic music, performances by local, national and international artists on various stages, vivacious street dancing, and expressive art of every genre.

The idea for the festival, which was first presented in 1981, began as way to celebrate the African influence on Cuban culture along with other cultural influences including Spanish, Asian and Arab influences. On a larger scale, the Fiesta del Fuego festival serves to unite all the people and countries of the Caribbean, Latin America and the world.

DrumminginCubaEvery year the festival highlights a particular region of influence. This year, the Cuban government plans to pay tribute to Curacao and the Pernambuco region of Brazil. Also to be celebrated is the 100th year anniversary of Mexican Revolution and the bicentennial of Mexico’s independence.

Tourists can expect an authentic Cuban party. For 7 days and nights, during the Fiesta del Fuego, the rum never runs out and vibrant music coupled with jubilant dancing continues until the wee hours in the morning.

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