The 2010 Africa Day, a celebration of African unity, initiative, and progress commences in Atlanta. This first-time in Atlanta event taking place May 22-25, promises to be a tremendous cultural, educational and entertaining celebration. The city of Atlanta, a focal-point for progressing Africa-US relations, will welcome representatives from the African Union and other nations of Africa. Celebrating Africa Day in Atlanta is an endeavor to build strong ties between the U.S. and Africa through cross-cultural initiatives such as tourism, commerce and investment, foreign student exchange, the arts, and other activities that promote cultural awareness.

A combination of conferences, seminars, cultural exhibitions, and a parade will take place


Now is the time to visit Senegal as it hosts the 18th International Saint Louis Jazz Festival from May 20th-23rd! This annual festival is one of many celebrations that commemorate the 350th anniversary of the city’s independence from France. Considered the most important jazz festival in Africa, jazz legends and new musicians from around the world come to play in various venues throughout the city. Here is where you can enjoy some of the world’s best jazz, exotic food, all kinds of art and crafts, culture exhibits and also some African drum-beat dancing. But first you will have to cross the Faidherbe Bridge, the pathway to the city.




Anticipation has reached its peak as one of the largest celebrations in the Caribbean is in season. The annual St. Thomas Carnival launches on April 11th and unfolds into a three week feast for the senses. Rated among the top carnivals of the world by the likes of Forbes and USA Today, the festival receives thousands of locals and travelers alike. Although the Virgin Islands host three carnivals per year—one on each of the three main islands—St. Thomas is internationally known for being the most extravagant. 

  U.S.Virgin Islands' capital, Charlotte Amalie, hosts the majority of the festivities in the spacious Lionel Roberts Stadium which holds over 9,000 spectators. Once the carnival royalty is chosen, the ongoing bash is explosive with local delicacies, games, rides and live music that resounds into the late hours of the night.

TPOCGet ready to soak up some sun and learn more about culture and heritage tourism at the same time. That’s what you can do at the 8th annual Conference and Trade Show of the Travel Professionals of Color (TPOC) that will be held in Nassau, Bahamas, April 22 – 25, 2010 at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort.  Much of the TPOC conference will focus on the many business growth opportunities available in the areas of heritage tourism. With the projected growth rate of heritage tourism at 4.5 percent annually according to Karen Little, director of the Heritage Tourism Division of TPOC, this conference is one that you do not want to miss.