The World Travel & Tourism Council [WTTC] has announced that the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority [LVCVA] will host next year’s Global Travel & Tourism Summit in Las Vegas. “The support from Members for Las Vegas has been overwhelming,” said Jean-Claude Baumgarten, President / CEO of WTTC, “as the LVCVA submitted such an excellent bid. “Our 10th Global Summit takes place next month in Beijing,” Baumgarten added, “and we fully intend to make the most of the more than 12 months between now and the Las Vegas event, scheduled for 15-19 May 2011, to promote the importance of Travel & Tourism, and also its wider impact on other sectors, in the United States – the world’s leading Travel & Tourism economy.”

The Indian Supreme Court is currently considering whether a controversial tourist resort in the Andaman islands should close. The resort is near a forest reserve, which is home to the endangered Jarawa tribe. The first people to successfully migrate out of Africa, the Jarawas came to the Andaman islands 60,000 years ago.

Following the recent appointment of a new national arts council, and in line with the declaration of the Seychelles Tourist Board to add heritage, art, culture, crafts, music, and fashion to their list of promotable attractions, yet more activities are unfolding to aid and support those goals. Work is now underway to restore the main plantation house at La Plaine St. Andre into a tourist attraction, which upon restoration and infrastructural work will offer restaurant and bar facilities, besides being turned into a living museum.

The travel community celebrated a major victory when President Obama signed into law the first-ever national travel promotion and communications program to attract more international travelers to the U.S. The historic moment, commemorated during a White House signing ceremony, is a major step in addressing America’s decline in attracting overseas visitors to the U.S. during the past decade. The Act is in response to worrisome evidence that the U.S. is losing ground to other countries in the global travel market.

Moves to combat "transplant tourism", in which patients from rich countries pay large sums to have organ transplants in poor ones, are gaining pace, experts have told an international conference. The World Health Organisation and the European Union have led the way in tackling the problem, the Madrid conference on organ donations and transplants heard this week. "Stopping the illegal trafficking of organs and ending transplant tourism is an objective shared by all countries," Spanish Health Minister Trinidad Jimenez said. "The European Union has a harmonized model in which no one puts a price on an organ, and the WHO is making a great effort to spread this model," she added.

The opposition Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) has called on Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to give "the real reasons" Britain is seeking to impose visa requirements on Dominicans wishing to visit the United Kingdom in the near future. The party said that the prime minister's attempt to blame citizens for London's decision is misleading, and noted that "concerns have been expressed about foreigners in possession of Dominican passports who have attempted to violate the immigration laws of major countries."

Johannesburg - A North West journalist was recently shot dead during an armed robbery at a hotel and casino in Mafikeng. Police said Thabo Khongoana was shot from close range with an AK-47 rifle probably because  they realised he had a camera. Khongoana was editor and publisher of the Mafikeng-based TaxiTimes.  About nine heavily-armed men entered the hotel after holding security staff at gunpoint and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Mr. Cuthbert Baguma has been appointed as the new general manager/CEO of the Uganda Tourist - Board, taking over from long-serving James Bahinguza, who has retired from UTB after several terms of office. Cuthbert has previously served in the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, and Industry as assistant commissioner in charge of licensing, in which capacity he also served as board member at the national Hotel and Tourism Training Institute for several years.

nelson_stadium“We are in the year now when we, in South Africa, will host the first World Cup in Africa. Imagine what that does to the morale, the self-esteem of people. When we saw the way the world looked up to Nelson Mandela, we grew two inches. When we see how the World Cup is going to make us gel as a nation, we shall grow more than two inches.”  (Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu to an audience of 500 people near St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, July 2009)





While investigating African-American burial places in and around Paris for an article that she was writing last summer, travel writer Monique Y. Wells discovered something disturbing – one of America’s finest 20th century painters had been laid to rest in an unmarked grave. It was then that she began a mission to honor Beauford Delaney, a figurative and abstract expressionist painter from Knoxville, Tennessee who moved to Paris in 1953.

Wells, who is also the co-founder of Discover Paris!, a company that specializes in personal itineraries for travelers, said that she knew Delaney was buried somewhere around Paris, but was not sure exactly where. She contacted the cemetery to inquire about the grave site of Delaney who died in 1979, and was assured that Delaney’s remains were safe in the ground.





A couple of years ago, the vision to change the South African wine industry was conceived by two childhood best friends, Stephen Satterfield and PJ Bullock. Stephen, a sommelier and wine educator, and PJ, a graduate business student came up with the idea of how they could help uplift and educate people, while diminishing poverty and inequality through the celebration and appreciation of fine wine. From this idea emerged the International Society of Africans in Wine (ISAW). An Atlanta-based organization with the mission of building sustainable communities through viticulture, ISAW advocates reducing poverty in Africa through the business of wine.



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