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ADWTA Presenters

Dr-Julius-Garvey Dr. Julius Garvey, ADWTA Key Presenter, Son of Marcus Garvey, Top Vascular Disease Surgeon, Pan-African Activist and Lecturer

The son of the late great Nationalist Marcus Garvey, Dr. Julius Garvey is a Hall of Fame Honoree for the 2013 African Diaspora World Tourism Awards. A surgeon and community activist living in New York City, he is a Pan-Africanist in his own right. Dr. Garvey is a founding member and the current Chairman of the Marcus Garvey Committee International, Inc., an organization that improves the economic, cultural, educational, and spiritual condition of Africans all over the world.

Dr. Garvey has served on various boards including the World African Diaspora Union and People of African Ancestry, The Zumbi Foundation and Brotherhood. He has worked with various ministries and the University of the West Indies on educating Jamaican youth, building schools, transferring books and medical supplies and on a medical student exchange program. Dr. Garvey is a frequent lecturer on African heritage and culture at educational institutions, social communities, and religious, political, and national organizations throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Africa. He is also a lecturer and consultant on the legacy of Marcus Garvey.

With over three decades of experience as an artist, he has continued to inspire people and humanize art through his sculptures. One such artwork is the Millennium Monument featuring a man lifting up the continent of Africa along with America, Japan and Great Britain representing the four corners of the earth. When viewed from the opposite side, a woman holding up Africa can be seen.

Dr. Garvey has continued to work tirelessly to get resolutions passed in City Councils across the nation and in Congress calling upon the President of the United States to grant a posthumous pardon for Marcus Garvey.

In addition, Dr. Garvey continues as a Board-Certified surgeon specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases, combining a busy surgical practice with the rendering of community service and traveling around the world doing lectures and presentations.

Donald Brown Donald Brown - ADWTA Africana Extravaganza Host, Celebrated British Sculptor, Motivational Speaker & Creator of the Millennium Movement

A sculptor of international acclaim, British artist Donald Brown is also a social change agent who is using his talent to inspire individual empowerment and help promote world peace. His latest initiative "The Struggle for Change" is an international, community-based initiative that addresses social issues and human development. Brown is traveling around the globe allowing different communities to mount a piece of clay on a board that he intends to sculpture into a piece of artwork that he is calling "A Sporting Chance for Peace."

This art project is a masterpiece where he is incorporating visual arts, the performing arts and sports to address social issues, nurture humanity and promote positive relationships and principles. Launched in Great Britain, the Struggle for Change is a world peace project that has been received and endorsed by many leaders including Gambia's president Yahya AJJ Jammeh, former Georgia, USA representative John White, Deputy Mayor of Johannesburg, SA Councilor Norman Reed, and notables like Motown legend Mary Wilson, British actor Joseph Marcell and American actor John Amos.

"The art of success goes beyond taking a muddy piece of clay and creating a masterpiece. It is about sculpting our hearts and minds to create and master peace," explains Donald Brown, who graduated from England's Woverhampton University with honors in Fine Art Sculpture.

With over three decades of experience as an artist, he has continued to inspire people and humanize art through his sculptures. One such artwork is the Millennium Monument featuring a man lifting up the continent of Africa along with America, Japan and Great Britain representing the four corners of the earth. When viewed from the opposite side, a woman holding up Africa can be seen.

Brown has worked through the Thurgood Marshall College Fund where he has designed artwork for awards for people like veteran actress Cicely Tyson, singer Janet Jackson, top fashion model Iman and actor Lawrence Fishburn. Notables who have acclaimed Brown's artwork and talent include Poet Maya Angelou, Congressman John Lewis, and legendary singer Smokey Robinson. Recipients and associates of his artwork include the late Whitney Houston, singers Beyonce and Gladys Knight, noted attorney Willie Gary, comedian Chris Tucker, sports legend Kareem Jabbar, director John Singleton and the late Henry Kissinger. (

Other ADWTA Presenters

Djibril Diallo Djibril Diallo is the Senior Advisor to the Executive Director of the United Nations on AIDS Task Force (UNAIDS) to advance universal access to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support. Through the US African Renaissance and Diaspora Network, he promotes sustainable human development and forges stronger links between Africa and the Diaspora. The network took shape when Dr. Diallo served as coordinator of the U.S. committee for the World Festival of Black Arts where he arranged for a large U.S. delegation to participate in Fesman, the World Festival of Black Arts and Cultures in Dakar in 2010. The event celebrated cultural achievements and cooperation between Africa and the Diaspora in arts, science, technology, medicine, education, business as well as tourism.

"The festival was a landmark event, that bought together great artists, writers, film makers, intellectuals and leaders from around the world to celebrate the theme of African Renaissance," said Diallo, who once served as spokesperson for the President of the 59th United Nations General Assembly in 2004-2005. "I believe that the event strengthened ties between Africa and the Diaspora, which is a main goal of the African Renaissance and Diaspora Network, and tourism reinforces these efforts. I do hope to have an opportunity to encourage tourism around major African cultural events in the future," says Dr. Diallo, the former director of the Communications Office of the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme.

In 2006 he initiated the first ever United Nations Global Youth Leadership Summit in New York organized on behalf of the United Nations system. Past career achievements include special advisor and deputy director of public affair s for the United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF). He has also served as Special Advisor to the Secretaries-General of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and of the World Conference on Human Rights (WCHR) in Vienna in 1993. Past work experience also includes director of the United Nation New York Office of Sport for Development and Peace. Dr. Diallo, a citizen of Senegal once taught languages in Nottingham, UK, and in Africa. His work for peace and sustainable development has been recognized by numerous national and international organizations.

Gaynelle Henderson Bailey Dr. Gaynelle Henderson-Bailey is founder of the Washington, D.C., based Henderson Travel Service which was originally a branch of the company that her parents, Jake and Freddye Henderson, founded in 1955. Henderson Travel Service is the first full-service, fully appointed African-American owned and operated travel agency in the U.S., and the first agency to pioneer in African tourism, sending the first group of American tourists to Ghana in 1957. The inaugural executive director of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference (ADHT), she worked with the Ministry of Tourism of Bermuda in implementing, developing and promoting the ADHT conference for many years. A former professor at Howard University, Dr. Henderson-Bailey is the recipient of numerous awards and serves on various tourism boards including the African Travel Association.

Abdoul Aziz Gueye Abdoul Aziz Gueye Director of the US Atlanta-based Senegal Government Tourist Office, Gueye has increased numbers of tourists from the US to Senegal and helped to build long-standing, multi-faceted partnerships between North America, Senegal, and Africa. A specialist in eco-tourism, and African and Africa Diaspora Tourism with more than thirty years of dedicated leadership in the tourism industry, he is a veteran civil servant of the Republic Senegal. Gueye has served as technical adviser, finance inspector, director of investments and marketing coordinator to the Senegal Ministry of Tourism. He has served as a board member of various institutions including Air Senegal Airline and the Senegal Convention Center, and as president of various Senegalese Organizations such as the National Commission of Hotel Ranking and the National Supporting Committee of Tourists' Accommodation.